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Customer Story

Sales Cloud and Community Cloud implementation with Salesforce Inbox

Company Profile

Starting a small business comes with a myriad of challenges and obstacles. David Wimsatt, founder of Bold Concepts®, wanted to take the knowledge he acquired from developing small businesses that participated in Federal Government construction and translate the development process to other businesses.

Bold Concepts was born with the goal of providing these small businesses participating in the Federal Government Construction programs with access to sufficient resources that would act as a catalyst to their growth.

Bold Concepts delivers comprehensive support services to Small Business Contractors namely 8(a), Tribally-Owned, Women Owned Small Business and Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business and assists them through leveraging its own established government relations for their clients.

The Challenge

Bold Concepts works with small businesses to manage relationships and provide insight into construction opportunities with federal agencies. Working with federal agencies was a unique process; a federal application was the basis of their primary business activities when garnering work for their small business clients. Bold Concepts needed a sales tracking process that could track the sales activities of their clients as well as the sales activities of their direct Sales team.  For example, Bold Concepts wanted to ensure transparency regarding the marketing plan for their clients.   By using Salesforce, Bold Concepts would be able to manage and track the business development work that was being leveraged through their  Direct Sales team on behalf of their client. Clients would be able to generate reports based on the activities for their respective companies. As a result the marketing plan ROI generated a meaningful interpretation of Bold Concepts’ performance.

The Solution

To address the problems that Bold Concepts faced, App Solve implemented a Client Community Cloud solution with Salesforce Inbox. Custom objects were built so they could appropriately manage their clients and their engagements. Tracking was added so that they could evaluate client engagement activities and also produce reports that represented the data in a meaningful way. Marketing, business development, and clients would be given a single shared view of all the opportunities that Bold Concepts’ Direct Sales team was working on and they would be provided with the functionality of reporting by region.

The Results

Bold Concepts would gain full visibility into all sales activities and could track activity, view all opportunities and produce the appropriate reporting needed at every stage of the sales cycle.

Products Utilized:

Sales Cloud

As the core foundational CRM product within the Salesforce platform, Sales Cloud provides the baseline for the 30% revenue growth that the average App Solve customer achieves. Key areas like contact management, opportunity management, forecasting, reports and dashboards allow you to automate sales to supercharge growth.

Community Cloud

The Community Cloud allows you to connect to your customers and partners in a whole new way. Then take that information and customize your business to best align with your target audience and critical partnerships.

Services Provided:

Salesforce to Salesforce Migration

We import all your business data from a legacy source organization into a new target organization. Migration planning and testing are included to ensure all required data points and fields from the source org are captured in the target.

Business Process Consulting

We provide planning, execution, and application of process improvement strategies. This includes data collection and analysis, process mapping, designing, developing performance metrics, and providing options for improvement.