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Customer Story

A multi-lingual custom application built in Chatter to allow the customer’s over 800 mobile workers to engage and communicate, lightning fast.

Company Profile

BMS provides integrated facility services to over 100M square feet in Boston, Chicago, Maryland, New York, Virginia and Washington DC. BMS is an industry-leading provider of janitorial, engineering, security and architectural maintenance services.



The Challenge

BMS had a trickle-down verbal communication that was ineffective and worked like the game ‘broken telephone.’  Information could easily and quickly get miscommunicated, and the intent of the original message was easily lost.  They are a LEED Certified company who has an environmental responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint.  The primary source of communication to field workers was by paper.  This method could get very expensive and wasteful.  Most of their field staff primarily speak a foreign language and in a lot of cases don’t speak English at all.  This made communication efforts even more challenging, trying to get information translated.  The communication platforms they researched required a per-user license fee, they simply couldn’t afford it with the number of employees they have.  They needed to provide the same kind of access to files and documents such as the company handbook or benefit summaries, that their office staff employees access from a computer.  Turnover in a part-time janitorial industry is generally high, so they needed to reduce the cost of onboarding and improve the employee’s experience overall by helping them feel that they’re connected to the company.  It’s difficult to connect employees who’s ‘office space’ is a janitor’s closet, or break room in the basement of a commercial office building.

The Solution

App Solve built a perfect solution because we provided a tool that uses functions that are familiar to anyone who uses social media apps on their phone, it makes it easy to deploy and training is quick and seamless.  We provided a platform available in multiple languages, and this was very important.  Most importantly was that it solves all of their internal communication struggles while better connecting our field staff, in a cost effective and sustainable way.  In this industry, it’s very common to have companies treat their janitors badly because typically they’re not expected to last anyway.  BMS considers this a way we in which they are differentiated from their competitors.  They truly care about their employees, they care about engaging them, and keeping them happy.  Their job is unpleasant and labor intensive, their experience as an employee doesn’t have to be the same way.



The Results

As part of the new solution, BMS can now effectively and efficiently communicate to staff in the field, share customer-centric information across all departments and instantly communicate with all stakeholders in the organization.

Products Utilized:

Sales Cloud

As the core foundational CRM product within the Salesforce platform, Sales Cloud provides the baseline for the 30% revenue growth that the average App Solve customer achieves. Key areas like contact management, opportunity management, forecasting, reports and dashboards allow you to automate sales to supercharge growth.

Services Provided:

Custom Solutions

Whether we’re building custom applications in Salesforce like in Chatter, building API integrations from scratch or custom 3rd party application integrations – we bring technology to the business to ensure all company objectives are exceeded.

Custom App Build

We build enterprise-quality custom cloud apps that help your company reach its goals. Applications are assembled to instantly launch them across any device to connect with your employees, customers, or partners. Give your team the tools they need.