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Customer Story

Pardot was used for marketing automation in order to consolidate and streamline campaigns on a single platform

Company Profile

Founded in 2010, National Bid Network assists companies and individuals through the federal procurement maze. They are the bridge from contracting problems to contracting opportunities with the biggest customer in the world, the United States Federal Government. Each year billions of dollars’ bypass firms that do not know how to sell to the federal government or do not want to go through the detailed work to receive, process, and submit bids. NBN’s mission is to make sure that its clients understand the process and are properly equipped to actually win Federal business.

The Challenge

National Bid Network, experts in developing bid-management and contracting solutions to organizations of all sizes, identified a need to enhance and expand their marketing efforts in early 2015. National Bid Network was having difficulty measuring the success of its campaign and lacked the right tools that would allow it to measure the success of various campaigns sent out across different platforms. Without the ability to measure performance, the company couldn’t move forward with tailoring and sophisticating their marketing efforts.

The Solution

National Bid Network selected Pardot for marketing automation in order to consolidate and streamline campaigns on a single platform, ensure messages were directed to the right audiences and track performance through in-depth reports. After selecting Pardot as the best solution for their needs, National Bid Network then partnered with App Solve to implement and begin harnessing the power of Pardot. At the same time, National Bid Network also wished to integrate and deploy Salesforce, a customer relationship management (CRM) tool, with the marketing automation tool to support launching campaigns shortly after completion.

The Results

National Bid Network was able to deploy efforts around a webinar series following implementation and during admin training to promote attendance and secure registrations. The registrations were captured using Pardot forms instead of GoToWebinar landing pages so that all registrants were immediately created as leads in Pardot and assigned appropriately to sales representatives depending on captured information. Over the two webinars promoted, over 200+ registrations were captured in Pardot.

Using the reports provided, National Bid Network has been able to determine the success of every asset that promoted the webinar, from paid search to social media and email communication. Having access to reports allows National Bid Network to ensure their future marketing efforts are optimized to the fullest and performing successfully.


Following admin system training, National Bid Network has been able to more efficiently use Pardot in marketing efforts including more relevant webinar correspondence, one-to-one emails from designated sales representatives or account owners and advanced lead capture.

Products Utilized:


App Solve helps your marketing and sales teams automate and optimize your B2B lead generation and nurturing programs from initial prospect contact through the entire sales process.

Services Provided:

Marketing Consulting

We develop a campaign strategy in line with your business marketing plan, empower your company through best practices in the industry, and help your business drive measurable results quickly.