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Customer Story

A Service Cloud optimization Service Cloud Console implementation to provide world-leading customer service.

Company Profile

Level Up Your Home was started by the former head of the professional services division of Bose, Jen Kelmer. With a solid background in the industry, the conception of the business was derived from the founder’s time with her former company. Level Up Your Home converts your living space into a smart space built around your vision. This includes but is not limited to, building a world-class visual and auditory space for high-end consumers.

The Challenge

This customer is an exciting Software as a Service (SAAS) business and being users of Salesforce.com wanted to extensively use this SAAS platform for their flourishing business.

ScrapWare came to App Solve having recently upgrading to Service Cloud functionality and needed assistance in getting the President of the company out of customer service, automating case assignments and enabling their service team with a functional, productive tool. ScrapWare also expanded the platform to enable their Knowledge Base and wanted to enable the Service Cloud Console as well.

The Solution

App Solve created case assignment and escalation rules so that the appropriate case reached the appropriate rep just at the right time. App Solve also configured the Knowledge Base so that ScrapWare could freely add articles from their prior system as well as configuring the Service Cloud Console so that their service team could handle multiple cases at once, swarm issues and instantaneously draw information from the company Knowledge Base.



The Results

Scrapware is now able to hit this early entry market with all the information they need because they now understand the prospect journey and know their Sales Cloud is set up properly for now and years to come, while being fully customized to their business.

“Very positive experience. Project was delivered on time and budget. Salesforce needs to be enhanced to perform all the functions we require. We had and continue to have a very positive experience with AppSolve. It has been a good collaborative effort and we look forward to working with them on future projects.”

Joe Floam

Products Utilized:

Service Cloud

App Solve’s Service Cloud offerings provide the business experience and technical strength to help companies deliver the best possible customer service.

Services Provided:

Subscription Services

App Solve’s Subscription Services offering provides you with on-going support and expertise to keep the effectiveness of you Salesforce platform maximized at all times.