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Customer Story

Healthcare and Life Science Pardot Implementation for super-charged lead acquisition, nurturing and conversion.

Company Profile

Temptime Corporation is committed to improving global public health. For nearly 30 years, Temptime’s temperature monitoring devices have helped healthcare workers immunize millions of children around the world and extend care to regions previously thought to be unreachable. Today, pharmaceutical corporations, biotechnology companies, and hospitals are using Temptime’s devices to help improve the storage and handling of hundreds of medical products by visually identifying when a temperature excursion has occurred.

The Challenge

At the time, Temptime was using ActOn for Marketing Automation. The company sought new solutions to address their growth objectives and market development plans. With revenue growth as their top priority, their criteria for a Marketing Automation solution were as follows:


  • Salesforce Integration Capabilities
  • Geared towards B2B Businesses
  • Insights into website traffic
  • Ability to track ROI of their marketing investment dollars to discern where to invest

The Solution

To address the challenges that Temptime faced, we built a Pardot & Salesforce Engage solution that not only supports the Marketing initiatives at Temptime but empowers Sales reps to leverage the power of Marketing Automation. The following was set-up for Temptime to address the needs/pain points Temptime has expressed:


  • To help them gain visibility into what the ROI was on their marketing investments, we set up Salesforce Campaigns. This allows them to gain visibility into the first touch point that a lead has had with the company
  • Lists were configured to separate prospects into different categories where Temptime had the ability to send different communication based on the list information
  • Branded Landing Pages were put together to help drive visitor traffic, where Web-To-Lead forms were implemented to collect prospect information and push them directly back to the CRM
  • Email Templates were created to ensure branded communication
  • Designed automation Drip Nurture campaigns that were targeted and customized based on a prospect’s buying indicators and helped to move prospects down the Sales pipeline
  • 2 pieces of Marketing Content were created to attract visitors to convert by providing information in exchange for the Marketing Content

Products Utilized:

Sales Cloud

As the core foundational CRM product within the Salesforce platform, Sales Cloud provides the baseline for the 30% revenue growth that the average App Solve customer achieves. Key areas like contact management, opportunity management, forecasting, reports and dashboards allow you to automate sales to supercharge growth.


App Solve helps your marketing and sales teams automate and optimize your B2B lead generation and nurturing programs from initial prospect contact through the entire sales process.

Services Provided:

Marketing Consulting

We develop a campaign strategy in line with your business marketing plan, empower your company through best practices in the industry, and help your business drive measurable results quickly.