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Customer Story

A Pardot implementation with a rapidly-growing tech company to automatically nurture lead-flow.

Company Profile

Founded in 2010 and based in Virginia, Upskill (Formerly APX Labs) makes software for the hands-on workforce. These are the millions of people who build, fix, move and operate things for their job. You find them in factories, warehouses, outdoors and industrial environments of all types. The Upskill mission is to use wearable technology to give the hands-on workforce the data, help and access they need to do their best work.

The Challenge

An existing user of Salesforce.com’s Sales Cloud, Upskill were looking for a way to better understand their prospects and customers. Upskill needed a solution that allowed them to not only analyze their prospects but to also improve on their customer conversion rates.  Upskill also suffered from information silos and needed a re-optimization solution, to go along with a new marketing approach.

The Solution

Working with App Solve allowed Upskill to deliver a company-wide rollout of Salesforce’s B2B Marketing platform, Pardot. App Solve successfully implemented Pardot, by making sure it was seamlessly integrated with Sales Cloud and optimized through a fully customized object fields re-work. App Solve went one step further and provided the company with integrated financial data by partnering with QuickBooks Connector, DB Sync.



The Results

Upskill are now able to hit this early entry market with all the information they need because they now understand the prospect journey and know their Sales Cloud is set up properly for now and years to come, while being fully customized to their business.

Products Utilized:


App Solve helps your marketing and sales teams automate and optimize your B2B lead generation and nurturing programs from initial prospect contact through the entire sales process.

Services Provided:

Marketing Consulting

We develop a campaign strategy in line with your business marketing plan, empower your company through best practices in the industry, and help your business drive measurable results quickly.