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Financial Services

Our Approach


We’ve solved a number of problems within the industry, some of which include:


  • Inability to effectively track internal and external communication and to understand where business development time should be spent
  • Multiple disparate software applications and an absence of a centralized system of record with no single source of truth
  • Inability to track estimates vs actuals like mass annualized premium vs actual commission revenue

Our Expertise


We’ve provided the following solutions:


  • Marketing Automation integrated with Salesforce Financial Services Cloud
  • Salesforce CRM integrated with Accounting Seed financial suite for end-to-end management of the business
  • Salesforce Financial Service Cloud integrated with external ERP for one centralized system of record specifically tailored to the industry

Your Results


We power extraordinary results on Salesforce.com.

Our financial services customers experience the following results:

41%increase in customer satisfaction
37%increase in productivity
40%faster decision making

Customer Stories



Fundata was using several disjointed systems like Microsoft Dynamics, Sharepoint, Outlook, and other homegrown systems, etc. in their business operations. A large number of these systems were poorly implemented and often misfits for the business needs.


With Fundata’s end goal of integrating all their processes and operating the business from a single entity in mind, App Solve set up their Salesforce org and integrated the necessary systems with it. Custom objects were created to enable the capture of specific information regarding data and its distribution, and to address any data related issues and logging requests in a systematic, orderly manner.


The customer upgraded to Salesforce.com Enterprise Edition 6 months prior to the App Solve project but was unable to leverage the system to capitalize on the new functionality because of a lack of time, resources and in-house expertise.


In order to create efficiencies in the business App Solve built an entirely new Lead Management system to automatically assign leads to the appropriate sales reps based on territory and size of company.



As pioneers within the industry, Contingent Workforce Solutions has helped clients across all industry sectors and functional departments to understand the importance of creating efficient contract engagement models that provide visibility into contractor headcount and spend.


CWS recently invested in Salesforce Pardot, a marketing automation software that allows them to track, analyze, nurture, and convert leads while providing dynamic web content.