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Healthcare & Life Science

Our Approach


We’ve solved a number of problems within the industry, some of which include:


  • Difficult and labour intensive doctor referral process
  • Manual and inefficient back office processes such as generating PO’s​​​​​
  • Inability to keep information confidential as a result of having multiple databases
  • Inability to track the customer journey from ad spend, through to customer acquisition

Our Expertise


We’ve provided the following solutions:


  • Designed a mobile application so that doctors could digitally request referrals to hospitals or clinics
  • Integrating Salesforce with ERP solutions or implementing Salesforce native ERP for CRM+ERP in one system
  • Implemented Salesforce marketing automation integrated with CRM to clearly understand marketing ROI and opportunity attribution

Your Results


We power extraordinary results on Salesforce.com.

HLS customers who deploy Salesforce with App Solve experience the following results:

61%of consumers say their standards for how companies interact with them are higher than ever
51%of HLS organizations view the patient journey as the primary vehicle for improving the patient experience
84%of consumers say being treated like a person, not a number, is very important to win their business

Customer Stories



At the time, Temptime was using ActOn for Marketing Automation. The company sought new solutions to address their growth objectives and market development plans.


We built a Pardot & Salesforce Engage solution that not only supports the Marketing initiatives at Temptime but empowers Sales reps to leverage the power of Marketing Automation.



WellNet’s unique business model required them to share accurate up to date client records in real time with their main data provider, MSDS. Even though WellNet was using Salesforce, they still struggled transferring crucial information over to MSDS due to the limitations of their Salesforce Professional Edition.


Partnering with App Solve, WellNet implemented a Salesforce to Salesforce connection with their business partner, MSDS. The innovative Salesforce to Salesforce connection was made to WellNet’s specifications including: read-only access for MSDS, real time record updates and custom notifications for shared records.



Prior to implementation, Genius 100 was storing all their information in spreadsheets and other disjointed systems. Because all the information was not stored in one platform, they struggled to turn them into actionable items, thus failing to serve their business needs.


With the focus on Genius 100’s objective to create an efficient, functioning CRM for easy handling of interactions with individuals and businesses in mind, App Solve worked to optimize their current Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) in a manner that best matched their business needs.