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Effective marketing is difficult to get right, especially when new digital advancements are being made. Your business must be able to successfully stand against the competition while financially growing. Between creative demands, budget limits and channel decisions, you have numerous ingredients to incorporate into your recipe for success.

The biggest influence and deciding factor in your online visibility is your audience. If you’re not properly targeting your intended audience, your promotions and campaigns will not reach their full potential. Our B2B (business-to-business) marketing in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area can tap into your business objectives and convert your audience into paying conversions with our reliable business software platform in the GTA. We help businesses lay out their goals, approach and strategy as the first step before incorporating B2B marketing automation to increase leads, boost sales, be more efficient, and transform your business.


What is B2B marketing?

B2B marketing refers to any marketing strategy that is targeted towards a particular business, company or organization. Generally, any company that sells products or services to other organizations, versus the individual consumer, uses the B2B strategy.


How we maximize your B2B strategies

Your audience should dictate your path. App Solve will help you examine traffic and metrics, pinpoint the exact channels that can bring a high source of income, and help you resonate with their business through means of various media, topics and platforms. At the end of the day, if your company is underperforming, it is because certain negative factors are outweighing the positive ones. We can take care of that for you.


How do we help you identify your B2B marketing channels?

Your B2B products and services are targeted at a demographic with specific needs for what you’re providing. It is an essential process to define your audience as accurately as possible, so you’re not spending your money, time and efforts serving people with no intent to engage in your services. To simplify this process, here are some questions to ask of your company:

  • Which industry events or seminars do they attend?
  • Which social networking platform do they prefer to reach their audience?
  • How can you fill opportunity gaps that their competitors are leaving open?
  • What questions are they asking search engines?


What are examples of B2B marketing strategies?

Marketing strategies depend on the audience – if you are selling organic baby food, your strategy will target a different audience than one that sells marine batteries. There are no two strategies that are alike, and that’s the experience of App Solve is so advantageous. 

Here are some strategies that are involved in B2B marketing, and how we can help you maximize your company’s sales:

B2B Email Marketing

Almost 93% of B2B marketers use email marketing, and if you’re part of the 7% that’s not on board, we’re here to change that.

Email marketing is a highly effective way to reach both individual consumers seeking personal services and the business clients that require help developing their brand. Integrating enticing subject lines, having a powerful Call to Action and ensuring your emails are responsive can lead curious readers into cold hard conversions.

B2B Content Marketing

While a well-written piece requires more time and attention than a poignant tweet, an article is a perfect way to educate and add valuable information to your company. B2B customers are focused on expertise, driven by logic and a strong desire to be educated; that is why smart content marketing will have a positive effect on their choice to collaborate or purchase your products and services.

B2B Social Media Marketing

Social media targeting isn’t just for elite influencers or a younger generation anymore. In fact, 75% of B2B buyers have used social media to make a purchase from an organization. While this strategy might not result in record-breaking conversions, it does lead to a wide exposure that increases your brand awareness and enhances the overall journey of your consumer from start to finish.


Transform your business, boost sales and increase leads with efficient B2B marketing in Toronto!

Truly effective Business-to-Business Marketing is conversational and targeted. Most of all, it’s relevant to the key audience – with endless marketing strategies at your fingertips, make sure you choose the right one.

Ensure that you are getting the maximum performance from your  B2B strategies by contacting us today at 1-800-539-7501!