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Customers’ standards and expectations have changed in terms of companies that provide field service. Firms that have people in the field are not only expected to adopt the digital way and get rid of the old paper-based method, but also provide the best tools for customers to schedule their own appointments.

The way a company that provides professional services handles its processes will tell customers how they value their time.

After all, customers’ time is as important as ours.

Even in the midst of a pandemic, field service is booming

In the summer of 2020, 70% of customers still preferred in-person appointments where on-site help was required, such as appliance repairs or internet installations.

So, far from decreasing, the demand for in-person service will remain or increase.

What was optional before, now it’s expected

The pandemic for sure has revealed shortcomings in customer service.

In the past, appointments for customers might have been available for some companies, but now many firms have been forced to adopt them as one of their regular services. It was a wake-up call for companies used to the status quo.

As the world opens up, digital-first customers’ behaviours will continue to develop, not to decrease.

The good news

The most recent improvements in service technology allow for more efficient scheduling of customer (and company) field engagements while also laying the groundwork for enhanced end-user experiences.

Service firms have adjusted policies to provide customers more flexibility, and 78% of professional services companies have invested in new technologies as a result of the pandemic.

When it comes to field service, how is Salesforce helping companies in succeeding in the appointment economy?

A new feature of Field Service (formerly Field Service Lightning), the complete solution for field service management from Salesforce, is the addition of Appointment Assistant. When you order food delivery, you are used to knowing where the delivery person is and when they will come. Salesforce Field Service offers the same level of clarity and openness to service in both B2B and B2C, whether it is repairing a washing machine or TV or maintaining hospital equipment.

Appointment Assistant from Salesforce Field Service, uses email, SMS, or WhatsApp to automatically alert customers with up-to-date information about their appointment.

Customers can have information such as:

  • Time of expected arrival
  • The mobile worker’s name and photo
  • The location of the mobile worker who is in route

To those customers who still want to go virtual, Salesforce released Visual Remote Assistant, a tool that enables businesses to provide assistance without physically visiting their customers by virtually guiding them through solutions. It’s a win-win scenario since it allows customers to plan remote visits at convenient times, reduces the risk for customers and workers, and reduces expenses.

Where to start?

If your business is still using the paper-based method for field service operations but is considering digital adoption, get your business ready to radically accelerate.

It is important for businesses and for customers to understand what field service may look like in a digital environment. Start with the following tips:

1) Engage in real-time scheduling and analysis capability.

2) Enable customers the ability to have a straightforward and online self-service for scheduling, rescheduling, and canceling appointments.

3) Incorporate automation, self-service channels, and chatbots to address today’s needs.

4) Create interactions that are part of a cohesive customer experience via digital engagement.

5) Make sure your business provides a personalized engagement and shows thankfulness.

6) To anticipate the future, use insights.

Appointments-as-a-service is a differentiation in the market. Your business can take advantage of this and blow customer service expectations away.

Reach out to us here and we will connect you with one of our Salesforce Field Service experts to learn how it will help your business.