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Service Companies

Our Approach


We’ve solved the following problems with service companies:


  • Disparate systems that do not speak to one another
  • Inability to turn existing data into actionable items
  • Operational and service level inefficiencies
  • Inconsistencies in data and reporting
  • Manual document generation

Our Expertise


We’ve provided the following solutions:


  • Marketing automation to identify and nurture leads
  • CRM for account and pipeline management
  • In-CRM automated proposal builds and e-sign
    • Eliminate the need to work manually with Word and PDF’s docs
  • Automatic invoice generation based on closed-won business
    • Includes full financial suite for GL, AR/AP and payroll
  • Automatic project creation to begin the process of delivering an exceptional level of service to your customers

Your Results


We power extraordinary results on Salesforce.com.

Service industry customers who deploy Salesforce with App Solve experience the following results:

33%increased lead conversion
35%more productive sales teams
30%more effective campaigns
36%increased customer satisfaction
59%decrease in report generation time

Customer Stories


BMS had a trickle-down verbal communication that was ineffective and worked like the game ‘telephone.’ Information could easily and quickly get miscommunicated, and the intent of the original message was easily lost.


App Solve built a perfect solution by providing a tool that uses functions that are familiar to anyone who uses social media apps on their phone.


The Field Service Lightning implementation they had in place could not go live and they sought out another partner to address the challenges that they were faced with.


We created a new “Site” Record, won Opportunities, and updated the work order views and ability to view Service Contracts. We also improved asset history visibility and the user experience.



Level Up Your Home sought out a solution that would streamline their communication and work with their field technicians allowing them to spend more time providing world-class experience to their customers.


The appropriate solution was a Field Service Lightning implementation featuring a mobile component, electronic signatures, project management, email integrations, and Shopify integrations.