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Experience Cloud (formerly Community Cloud)

Experience Cloud helps you connect and interact with all the people and groups who matter most to your business. Engage with customers 24/7 and grow your business in the process.

Engage with your audience across channels

Quickly create connected websites, applications and portals.

Experience Cloud is an online social platform that enables companies to build communities to gain deeper relationships with customers, employees, and partners with each other. Customers will be better served, sales will be closed quicker, and work will be done faster by everyone in the business ecosystem.

Connect to customers, partners and employees in a whole new way

The Community Cloud allows you to connect to your customers and partners in a whole new way. Then take that information and customize your business to best align with your target audience and critical partnerships.

Partner Communities

Whether you manage a partner network of 10 or 10,000, Community Cloud gives you the ability to provide stakeholders with a one-stop shop that has everything they need to sell and market your offering more effectively. Partner Community Cloud supports enhanced collaboration for joint marketing and selling, recruitment and education, deal management, campaign management and alignment, case management and more.

Customer Communities

When building a self-service customer-centric community, companies must first determine what their objectives are, whether sales, marketing or service-focused. This determination then drives the design and components included to ensure customers are empowered with the right information to ultimately convert from customer to brand advocate.

Employee Communities

Community Cloud provides solutions to employee communication areas and delivers assistance from the beginning of interactions at and after the onboarding stage. Empowering workers to find solutions and quickly merge efforts makes for streamlined and efficient collaboration processes that can also be reported and repeated as needed.

Build Your Own

You can go beyond preconstructed solutions and create something for your specific business needs.

Experience Cloud Features


Use ready-made templates to create rich, intuitive digital experiences, or create your own to meet your unique needs. With out-of-the box app, portal, and website templates, you can go to market quicker.

Business Integration

With integrated business solutions you can use data from every system including sales, service, and marketing, to supply chain and product development, anywhere. Integrate records, objects, and data from any third-party system.

Branding and Themes

Consolidate your customer experience with branded interfaces, applications and more. Select an out-of-the-box template that works and customize it quickly with clicks, not complex coding. Also, choose a mobile-responsive theme that matches your brand.


With a customer engagement platform, you can create a thriving community. Your most active members can be recognized and rewarded. As an incentive for participation, you can also create your own ranks, badges, and score system.

Management & Analysis

You can manage and improve your understanding of your community by getting the data you need and sorting it however you want. User engagement metrics and insights will help your business drive growth.


With the Salesforce mobile app or any mobile browser, you can easily access experiences anytime and anywhere. Additionally, you can build highly customizable mobile collaboration apps using the Salesforce mobile software development kit (SDK).

Customer Stories


Bold Concepts needed a sales tracking process that could track the sales activities of their clients as well as the sales activities of their direct Sales team.


To address the problems that Bold Concepts faced, App Solve implemented a Client Community Cloud solution with Salesforce IQ inbox. Custom objects were built so they could appropriately manage their clients and their engagements.


Long time users of Salesforce.com, Dynamic Systems wanted to leverage and enable their worldwide partner channel with a streamlined system for them to be able to access their leads, cases and performance.


Dynamic Systems chose Salesforce.com Partner Communities to provide their partners with a specialized window into their business, specifically designed for each individual partner’s use case.