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The App Solve Team

David Brabrook

Founder and CEO

About David

As the Founder and CEO of App Solve, David is passionate about driving extraordinary results in everything he does. For 6 years now, that’s what App Solve endeavours to do every day as well — drive extraordinary results for businesses powering their growth with Salesforce.com.

App Solve is backed by David’s 18 years of sales experience, 15 years of technology experience and leadership roles in more than 1000 software delivery projects. With best-in-class sales, marketing and customer success strategies, David works to maximize ROI for customers in the fastest possible way.

David works to drive the following results with the people and businesses he works with:

– 26% increased marketing ROI
– 32% increase in customer satisfaction
– 28% increase in revenue

Fun Fact David’s parents met through playing table tennis. His father was the coach and his mother was the pupil.

Kyle Jamieson

Director of Sales

About Kyle

Kyle began as App Solve’s Director of Sales in July of 2018. First entering the Salesforce ecosystem in early 2013, Kyle worked as an Account Executive with Salesforce responsible for the growth of Small and Medium businesses in the Northeastern United States. Throughout his time at Salesforce, Kyle worked with customers from a variety of different industries, most notably High Tech, Professional Services and Manufacturing.

Today, Kyle’s responsibilities focus around new business acquisition and helping existing customers to grow their footprint on the Salesforce Platform and streamline/refine many of their existing processes. Kyle works directly with Salesforce Account Executives to help consult customers and shape their technology road map.

Fun Fact Before entering the world of B2B Technology Sales in 2008, Kyle graduated University as a Sports Management Major and spent time working with the Toronto Maple Leafs and Toronto Raptors.

Saju Jayson Raju

Head of Operations

About Saju

Saju is a Certified Salesforce Developer with Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering, Advanced Diploma in Software engineering and a graduate certificate in Project management – IT. His day to day responsibilities involve managing delivery and customer expectations to ensure the project stakeholders are happy with their projects. Saju enjoys designing and building systems on the Salesforce platform and is always curious to learn new things both in life and in technology. His forever life goal is self-development.

Fun Fact Saju is ranked as a Ranger in Trailhead with over 100 badges.

Aly Punja

VP of Technology

About Aly

Aly joined App Solve in October 2020 as the Vice President of Technology. His strengths come from 14 years of experience leading a wide variety of complex Information Technology projects utilizing both waterfall and agile methodologies.

Entering the Salesforce ecosystem in 2015, Aly has delivered Salesforce.com implementations across several industries including Pharmaceutical, Telecommunications, Technology, Financial, Insurance, and Manufacturing. Most recently, he lead the transformation for one of Canada’s largest telecommunication organization with the introduction of the agile delivery methodology for their Salesforce program.

Aly’s responsibilities include building and managing high performing delivery teams and ensuring successful project delivery with a key focus on customer satisfaction.

Fun Fact Outside of work, you will typically find Aly in one of three places: 1) spending time with his daughter; 2) in the backyard BBQing, or 3) playing golf.

Skot Nelson

Project Lead / Solution Architect

About Skot

Skot joined App Solve in March 2021 as a Project Lead and Solution Architect. He has more than 20 years of development and business analysis experience. First entering the Salesforce ecosystem in early 2011, Skot has been able to merge all the experience he has gained in the Salesforce ecosystem as an administrator, developer, project manager, business analyst, architect, and technical writer, giving him a 360-degree view of Salesforce.

Skot enjoys using his creativity and problem-solving skills to provide comprehensive Salesforce solutions, including object and data model structures, integration points and data flows, workflow automation and formulas, along with other custom functionality.

Fun Fact Skot is also a musician, photographer, and writer. As a photographer, he has covered numerous events and festivals in Canada.

Durdana Tazrian

Salesforce Consultant / Project Lead

About Durdana

Durdana is a Certified Salesforce Administrator. Prior to joining App Solve, she completed Bachelors and Master in Business Administration and Certification in Digital Marketing Management. Durdana was also a part of Salesforce’s inaugural Salesforce For All program, chosen as one of the 15 to be trained by Salesforce from hundreds of applicants. As a part of her work now, she leads external client projects and implementations, and also undertakes internal Salesforce administration duties. Durdana is also the in-house Marketing Cloud Administrator and is responsible for all external branding, social media activities and communications on behalf of App Solve.

Fun Fact Durdana is a massive Harry Potter fan, also known as Potterhead, and has been to the Harry Potter parks in Universal Studios thrice till date.

Nabeela Hooda

Senior Administrator / Pardot Project Lead

About Nabeela

Nabeela is a dynamic technology professional with a hybrid experience that includes a mix of technical project management, technology, and digital transformation strategy, design, and hands-on Salesforce expertise. She has worked on multiple client engagements for diverse clients, leading small teams, developing project plans and timelines, advising client stakeholders, and contributing hands-on.

As a Pardot Specialist, Nabeela has knowledge in designing, building, and implementing marketing workflows through the Pardot platform. She aims to architect solutions that meet the customers’ business requirements and contribute to their long-term success.

Fun Fact Nabeela loves to read and learn. She has a unique background that includes a medical degree and an undergraduate degree in neuroscience. Outside of work, she loves to stay active and go horseback riding.

Gloria lee

business development representative

About Gloria

Gloria joined App Solve in March 2021. She has 5 years of bilingual experience in both the public and private sectors. Gloria has been able to merge this experience into the business technology space with 2 years of experience in fast-growing SaaS startups (fintech and foodtech) and market leaders such as Salesforce.

Previously, Gloria worked in Sales Development at Salesforce with customers in various verticals helping them to determine which solutions can optimize their businesses. As part of her work at App Solve, she will be growing our North American market share with our past and current customers as well as with our prospective businesses directly and through the Salesforce channel.

Fun Fact Gloria loves to keep an active lifestyle and is currently in her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course at Power Yoga Canada.

Suzan Shaker

Junior Project Lead

About Suzan

Suzan is a Certified Salesforce Administrator. Prior to joining App Solve, she has worked as a data analyst and a Java developer. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering, a Master’s in IT Management, and a Diploma in Data Science. Suzan’s responsibilities involve understanding the customers’ requirements, managing project deliverables, and implementing integrations with Salesforce. She particularly enjoys building reports and dashboards.

Fun Fact Suzan enjoys public speaking. Outside of work she is either writing speeches or organizing public speaking events.

Natalia Monsalve

Digital Presence Coordinator

About Natalia

Natalia is a Web Developer with a diploma in Computer Programming. Before joining App Solve, Natalia has worked in digital marketing, web development, and banking. Today, Natalia’s responsibilities include App Solve’s website management, social media marketing, content creation, and also takes on internal Salesforce administration duties. Besides work, Natalia enjoys traveling, non-profits, and learning new skills.

Fun Fact Natalia has a background in Fashion Design but discovered she enjoyed more designing and creating by translating code into something we can see on our screens.