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On App Solve’s blog, we have already discussed what Sales Cloud and Community Cloud are. This time, we are going to examine the world’s #1 service solution: Salesforce Service Cloud.

What Exactly is Salesforce Service Cloud?

Service Cloud is a customer service software solution provided by Salesforce, the #1 CRM platform. Salesforce is not only a pioneer in cloud-based sales force automation but also a leader in CRM customer experience.

Since customer data is in the cloud, Service Cloud can be used from anywhere and from any device. Support agents can support your customers whenever they need to. Service Cloud lets anyone on your team provide impressive 24/7 customer service.

So, Why Should I Use Service Cloud?

Even if you offer the best service or product in the world, your clients evaluate how much they trust your brand by how well they’re supported. They will easily take their business somewhere else if they are not able to solve a problem or get answers to their questions. In a few words: If you are not taking care of your customers, your competitor will.

Is your support team having problems knowing your customers’ names? Or can’t they look up what products or services they’ve previously purchased? Or even worse, are they responding a week after they’re looking for help?

By having your customers’ data easily accessible and easy to retrieve during each customer interaction, loyalty and credibility will be built. Customers remain faithful to the companies that offer the finest service possible, and better service doesn’t have to be difficult.

Now, let’s get into the main advantages of Service Cloud to make your team more productive:

1. Provide service everywhere in the world and on every device

There will not be barriers in terms of where to connect with your customers: email, phone, SMS, web, social media, WhatsApp, and more. Switching interactions effortlessly to any medium clients would like will be easy in order to give them the best possible experience.

2. Send instant answers to prove that you care

What can be better for your customers than let them know that you got their request or concern by giving them automated updates and notifications? You can even customize responses with personalized templates to provide your customers an ETA on an answer, solution, meeting, or field visit.

3. Important issues can be auto-escalated

Critical situations can become an emergency if they are not properly addressed. Automated workflows can be created to flag important customers or issues and forward to superiors by

Add automated workflows that mark main clients or complaints and forward them to managers by unique dates or hours. Service Cloud keeps note of sensitive support situations in order to prevent them from ever being nightmares.

4. Everything from one single screen

Regardless of how your clients reach you, your support representatives evaluate each inquiry or request from a single screen and answer it. That is much more convenient than having to deal with every single channel separately and it also avoids possible miscommunications or leaving messages with no answer.

Agents will be able to concentrate on customers, rather than lots of windows, endless scrolling, or clicking to get to the right customer or channel.

Service Cloud - Everything from one single screen

5. Send requests and issues to the right specialist

One thing is to have all your customers’ requests and concerns in one single place. Another is to route them to the right agent, every time. This is absolutely possible for Service Cloud as it integrates processes to identify goals, workloads, and agents’ expertise before linking the agent to the customer.

6. Track performance for improvement

By monitoring key metrics like your team’s average first response times, average customer wait times, and total customer interactions, you will be able to make large and small service decisions based on evidence, not on speculation.

So, Should I Be Using Salesforce Service Cloud?

If you care about your customers, then the answer is ‘Yes’. Service Cloud is the most complete service platform in the market.

If you already have a support platform that doesn’t provide all the tools to track your business support performance, or if you need to upgrade and boost your customer experience, Service Cloud will help break down silos in your organization. You can only improve your service when you have the proper data front and center.

Ready to take your customer service efforts to the next level? Start here.