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Welcome To Your

Salesforce Journey

We know it can be overwhelming and we’re here to help you navigate the Salesforce eco-system, where to go for help and who to contact.

Your Next Steps

Join the Salesforce Success Community

Interact with other customers just like you or inquire directly with Salesforce experts on this community:

Log In with your Salesforce Org by clicking the icon in the top right corner to quickly create your account.

There are communities grouped by product and industry (look to the left hand side to filter through groups.

You can ask the communities questions and if you join local user groups, they’ll usually have meetups in the area so everyone can get together and discuss all things Salesforce.

Get interactive training and learn new skills for free with Trailhead

If you haven’t already as a part of your training, it is highly recommended that you sign up for Trailhead and take their interactive training programs to refresh your memory on how to accomplish certain tasks. Simply login with your Salesforce org to get started.

Take Salesforce's CRM success journeys

Salesforce has designed in depth journeys tailored to different business priorities that you can select to learn best practices and tips on how to achieve those business priorities.

Downloadable User Guides & Printable Tip Sheets
Salesforce Documentation

Want to learn more about a specific feature or troubleshoot a specific feature? Turn to documentation to help you.

Google is your friend

This may seem like a silly step, but it’s important to learn how to effectively use search engines and ask the right questions to your problems. If you aren’t able to communicate your problems, it will be hard to trouble shoot your problem even if you decide to not Google.

Think you have a technical problem?

Make sure you check the status of Salesforce systems first. Salesforce will report on any bugs or maintenance work that occurs.

If the system isn’t down and you think you have a technical problem, you must log a case:

Response times are within 48 hours depending on the severity of your issue. Input “2-Urgent” to receive a response within the working day.

Need additional support?

How do you know if you need additional support from us? Check your user adoption dashboards. We installed them for your org, and you can find them by clicking the “Dashboard” tab in your org and typing in “User Adoption” to pull up the dashboard. If you find metrics are low, and find that going through the above steps takes up too much time for you, feel free to reach out to us.