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Customer Story

A Field Service Re-Implementation for a Water Cooler Service Company

Company Profile

Hawaiian Cool Water (HCW) operates on the belief that “The water we drink should not only be clean, but its production and delivery should be non-damaging to our environment.” HCW achieves an environmentally conscience water product through purification of water right before it is dispensed, which eliminates the need for plastic waste from bottles and water jugs.

At the time, HCW had Sales Cloud and Field Service implemented.


The Challenge

The Field Service implementation they had in place could not go live and they sought out another partner to address the challenges that they were faced with:

Asset insights: There was no visibility into the history of an asset.  If a cooler has proven to be faulty multiple times, they should be able to see that and deal with the cooler accordingly

Automation: Contract management automations were set up and each time new data was input, they would receive error messages. They weren’t able to add new records as a result, which acted as an inhibitor in terms of scalability for HCW

User Experience: A technician can go on site with 5 coolers to change one cooler filter, but will learn later that the other assets would need filter changes shortly. They could’ve tackled the filter changes in one site visit if they had the ability to see all assets on one work order.

Paper Based Service Reports: They didn’t gain any insight into the service done on assets- often the papers would be in office and the technician would be onsite

The Solution

“Site” Record: Out-of-the-box, FSL services “Accounts,” however, HCW will typically serve accounts with multiple “Sites” where each site can have multiple “assets (coolers).” We created a new “Site” Record where the Site Record would display the address of installation and display each asset on the site.

Won Opportunities: We created a process for installation, work orders for maintenance service, break/fix work orders and renewal Service Contracts. We adjusted Assets under the Account and Service Contract, ensuring the Service Contract dates and Service Line item dates are the same.

Contract Management: We evaluated the Service Contracts objects and other related objects, updating views and related objects. We updated the work order views and ability to view Service Contracts, ensuring that the work orders were tied back to their respective assets and that they also updated the asset’s data upon job completion.

To improve asset history visibility: We provided insight in the Work Order history by tying assets to their related work orders

To improve the User Experience: The Mobile application was implemented to improve the technician’s day to day experience on the job. Technicians are able to press buttons on their mobile app and data would be pre-populated into Salesforce automatically. The Dispatcher Console: Ability to view and schedule work orders. The optimizer allows the dispatcher to auto-schedule based on skills, availability and location of technician. They’re able to reschedule jobs or schedule overtime if Work Orders aren’t completed for the day as well.

Products Utilized:

Service Cloud

App Solve’s Service Cloud offerings provide the business experience and technical strength to help companies deliver the best possible customer service.

Field Service

App Solve is proud to have the most Field Service Implementations of any Canadian-Based Salesforce Implementation Partner, and the 3rd most in the world!

Services Provided:

Rescue Project

If your business needs changed, your first implementation didn’t go well, or you’ve gone through an acquisition or merger, a Salesforce re-implementation will allow your team to get back on the right track.