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B2B Marketing Automation

We help businesses layout their goals, approach and strategy as the first step before incorporating B2B marketing automation to increase leads, boost sales, be more efficient, and transform your business. 

B2B marketing automation generates ROI, revenue, and results

Our B2B marketing automation consultants use their extensive IT and software expertise to evaluate, validate and implement marketing automation technology, an important industry practice that is growing massively across all market sectors.

B2B marketing automation is not only reserved for big companies but has become much more available to small and medium-sized firms. A well-implemented platform will help your small or medium-sized business marketing and sales departments function as an enterprise, but at a fraction of the costs.

B2B businesses all use marketing automation to deliver more customized, timely and relevant messaging that lead to improved engagement and revenue.

One of the greatest mistakes is to believe that marketing automation is only for advertisers.

Maintaining a marketing automation tool may not sound easy but in fact, it is manageable with the proper planning and setup. Perform the work of a much bigger marketing department and turn even one-man marketing teams into marketing champions.

It’s easier to use, accessible, and affordable.

How can marketing automation benefit your company?

Engage & Nurture Leads

B2B marketing automation assists in everything from creating optimized landing pages, forms, and other web pages, to determine which of your content engages leads. It also dynamically guides leads on the best content experiences based on their interests and behaviours.

Eliminate the speculation

Let the results show you which messaging drives the most interaction, and how frequently customers actually open and read your emails. When running your business campaigns through an automation platform, this data is gathered and reported automatically.

Respond fast

Prospects are 7 times more likely to buy from a business that replies to their inquiry within an hour. So why leave clients waiting when an automation tool will ensure that your brand is recognised for timely responses?

Save time

Eliminate the more time-consuming tasks that fill your schedule like qualifying and qualifying and assigning leads, sending countless emails and more. Ramp up your messaging strategies while also providing customized messaging that meet the unique needs of a buyer.

Boost your sales cycle

By incorporating marketing automation into your business CRM platform, you can provide sales insights into their prospects’ interactions with your marketing materials, coordinate your method for qualifying and distributing leads, and encourage reps to recognise the hottest leads at a glance.

See what’s working

Get insight into the sales cycle. Marketing automation provides reporting features to show you every interaction your prospect had with your company, allowing you to detect hitches and enhance the effectiveness of your funnel. 


Increase in sales opportunities from nurtured leads vs non-nurtured leads


Increase in qualified leads in businesses that use marketing automation to nurture prospects experience


Increase in sales productivity produced by marketing automation

Customer Stories


Due to poor implementation and configuration of Salesforce Pardot, CWS was not able to achieve its goals of properly tracking, analyzing, and ultimately converting more leads.


App Solve repaired CWS’ domain tracking, allowing them to track both anonymous and identified visitors on their website. Also, App Solve updated/repaired web-to-lead forms to ensure the user submissions were being added to Pardot.


Long time users of Salesforce.com, Dynamic Systems wanted to leverage and enable their worldwide partner channel with a streamlined system for them to be able to access their leads, cases and performance.


Dynamic Systems chose Salesforce.com Partner Communities to provide their partners with a specialized window into their business, specifically designed for each individual partner’s use case.


National Bid Network was having difficulty measuring the success of its campaign and lacked the right tools that would allow it to measure the success of various campaigns sent out across different platforms.


After selecting Pardot as the best solution for their needs, National Bid Network then partnered with App Solve to implement and begin harnessing the power of Pardot. National Bid Network also wished to integrate and deploy Salesforce, a customer relationship management (CRM) tool, with the marketing automation tool.

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Pardot vs Marketing Cloud

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