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B2C Marketing Automation

B2C Marketing Automation is all about convincing potential customers in a much shorter time span. We help you identify the right approach to B2C Marketing Automation to meet your company’s needs.

Track potential customer behaviour to determine messaging strategies

Our sales automation consultants use their extensive IT and software expertise to locate, evaluate, validate and implement sales automation technology, an important industry practice that is growing massively across all market sectors.

Why hire App Solve consultants for B2C Marketing Automation?

Learn how to speak to customers and prospects with the right message, at the perfect time, with clever B2C marketing automation.

Businesses of any size can grow with professional-level B2C Marketing Automation consultation. Deepen customer relationships across every points of contact with integrated marketing tools.

If the marketing automation software your business is using is no longer adequate for your needs, B2C marketing automation consultation is the right choice.

How can B2C Marketing Automation benefit your company?

Attract and Nurture Leads

Marketing Automation platforms enable to create customized landing pages, forms, and other site pages, together with measuring which of your content engages leads. Leads can also be dynamically guided through the right content journeys based on their activity and interest.

Respond Fast

The chance of a prospect to buy from a company that responds to their inquiry within an hour is 7 times more likely. There is no need to keep prospects and customers waiting when an automation solution can ensure your brand is recognised for timely responses.

Eliminate speculation

Let the evidence show you which messaging drives more interaction and engagement, and how often and how many prospects and customers open and read your emails. An automation solution collects and reports this data automatically.


Increase in sales opportunities from nurtured leads vs non-nurtured leads


Increase in qualified leads in businesses that use marketing automation to nurture prospects experience


Increase in sales productivity produced by marketing automation

Customer Story


At the time, the firm was utilizing Marketing Cloud and their capabilities were limited to simple sends and importing leads from various sources. A consultant was required to map out their business processes and a strategy was required to align Marketing Cloud with their business objectives.


Expertise in help and setup focusing on 3 areas: Lead Generation, Campaign Meta and Journeys. The basis of the 3 areas, starts with mapping out the processes. App Solve set up Campaign UI for easy campaign setup as well as the ability to enter campaign meta relevant to campaigns executed by the marketing team. Also, we created a de-dupe process utilizing tools and queries in Marketing Cloud and mapped out business process.

Featured Guide

Pardot vs Marketing Cloud

Find out what's the difference and which product is better for your company.


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