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Salesforce Customization Consultant

Customization of Salesforce is a normal step in the deployment process and it involves custom development and coding to add robust features to your CRM platform. Give your business the competitive edge it needs by adapting Salesforce, the world’s #1 CRM, to your organizational requirements. 

Salesforce is designed to be customized for a reason

Salesforce knows each company is unique, and an off-the-shelf Salesforce platform cannot meet all businesses requirements. That’s why Salesforce makes customising your CRM solution a breeze. Although a non-customized Salesforce instance could save time in the short term, companies are more likely to experience issues in the long run. 

We help companies determine if the Salesforce application is not tailored to the organization’s current and future needs. To get your customization right, App Solve provides the right assistance in expanding Salesforce beyond its default functionality. 

Why hire App Solve consultants for Custom Solutions?

 If you’re having inefficient reporting or your Salesforce instance produces insights that don’t make sense to your employees.

If your business needs for third-party integrations to execute business processes. Achieving optimal alignment between these integrated systems is achieved with seasoned developers’ help.

If end-users are having a hard time adapting to the configured platform.

How can a Custom Solution benefit your company?

Limitless possibilities

Customization gives companies of all sizes the resources they need to develop the apps that will bring them success.

Integration with other apps

Utilize the data and features of other applications and tools in addition to Salesforce. Customization will help integrate the systems. 

Improved analytics

Customization will make your analytics and reports more precise and actionable in order to determine the strategy that will best increase revenue.

Customer Stories


BMS had a trickle-down verbal communication that was ineffective and worked like the game ‘broken telephone.’ Information could easily and quickly get miscommunicated, and the intent of the original message was easily lost.


App Solve built a perfect solution because we provided a tool that uses functions that are familiar to anyone who uses social media apps on their phone, it makes it easy to deploy and training is quick and seamless.


Fundata was using several disjointed systems like Microsoft Dynamics, Sharepoint, Outlook, and other homegrown systems, etc. in their business operations. A large number of these systems were poorly implemented and often misfits for the business needs.


With Fundata’s end goal of integrating all their processes and operating the business from a single entity in mind, App Solve set up their Salesforce org and integrated the necessary systems with it. Custom objects were created to enable the capture of specific information.



MineralTree had already implemented Salesforce but needed help extending the base capabilities and ensuring its setup was accurately optimized and mobile compatible for its sales, service, and other teams.


App Solve worked with the client in identifying all custom objects, their relationships, workflows and reporting needs. A re-optimization solution was deployed using default objects and custom objects (with multi-level hierarchies and dependencies) in Salesforce.