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Custom Solutions

App Solve offers end-to-end solutions, from concept & strategy to system design & implementation. We start with Salesforce.com, but if your requirements fall outside of the eco-system, we will architect the most effective business and technical solution for your business and deliver your end-goals.

Custom technology solutions

App Solve has been enabling customers with custom technology solutions since our inception.  Whether we’re building custom applications in Salesforce like in Chatter, building API integrations from scratch or custom 3rd party application integrations – we bring technology to the business to ensure all company objectives are exceeded.

Appexchange Integrations into Salesforce.com

App Solve is a Certified Implementation Partner for as many as 12 different Independent Software Vendors (ISV) Partners who have pre-built applications to extend the Salesforce platform. Whether it’s automated proposal building through Conga Composer, or electronic signature through Docusign – we have extensive experience with best of breed technology to enable you to take your Salesforce platform beyond simply sales, marketing and customer service and effectively run your entire business from one customer-centric platform.

API Build Integrations

There are times when our customers want to integrate Salesforce to a technology platform that doesn’t already have a pre-built connection to Salesforce. In that case, App Solve will build an API Integration from scratch to allow for these two new pieces of software to speak to each other effectively and efficiently. We have connected Salesforce to our customers’ existing ERP Platforms, Home Grown systems and everything in between. This allows you to keep your customer at the center of your business and your core focus – and allows you to build your customer and your services around that target customer you’re looking to engage.

Appsolve’s Propose, Sign, Bill, Build Solution

If you’re a company that provides services for a living – we’ve got an amazing application specifically for your business. If you’re looking for a CPQ type of solution, you provide services, you don’t have 1000’s of sku’s or 100’s of pricebooks – App Solve has built a solution for you! Build beautiful looking proposals and take advantage of downstream automation in your system when your customers remotely sign the deal! Once the deal is signed electronically, have an invoice automatically sent out to your customer and Project automatically created and the right project individuals notified and readied for your next successful project. App Solve uses the system ourselves and have deployed it with several customers and we’d love for your service firm to win more projects by taking advantage of this amazing automation!

Customer Stories


BMS had a trickle-down verbal communication that was ineffective and worked like the game ‘broken telephone.’ Information could easily and quickly get miscommunicated, and the intent of the original message was easily lost.


App Solve built a perfect solution because we provided a tool that uses functions that are familiar to anyone who uses social media apps on their phone, it makes it easy to deploy and training is quick and seamless.


Fundata was using several disjointed systems like Microsoft Dynamics, Sharepoint, Outlook, and other homegrown systems, etc. in their business operations. A large number of these systems were poorly implemented and often misfits for the business needs.


With Fundata’s end goal of integrating all their processes and operating the business from a single entity in mind, App Solve set up their Salesforce org and integrated the necessary systems with it. Custom objects were created to enable the capture of specific information.



MineralTree had already implemented Salesforce but needed help extending the base capabilities and ensuring its setup was accurately optimized and mobile compatible for its sales, service, and other teams.


App Solve worked with the client in identifying all custom objects, their relationships, workflows and reporting needs. A re-optimization solution was deployed using default objects and custom objects (with multi-level hierarchies and dependencies) in Salesforce.