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Simply put, marketing automation works to automate your marketing communication programs.  App Solve helps your marketing and sales teams automate and optimize your B2B lead generation and nurturing programs from initial prospect contact through the entire sales process.

B2B Marketing Automation

Built on the world’s #1 CRM

Pardot is the B2B Marketing Automation solution by Salesforce. With easy-to-use campaign automation and lead-generation software, you can map your own path to growth.

B2B marketing automation that converts leads into lifelong customers. 


Automate your marketing

App Solve has been implementing and consulting on Pardot for over 7 years and has nearly 30 projects completed with happy customers.  We understand how to create a completely automated Lead nurturing system so that your sales teams are only engaged once your Leads are in a buying-ready position, and once they are, your sales teams will be armed with all the relevant information to close the sale.

Quick Start On-Boarding Packages for Pardot & Engage

App Solve rapidly implements Pardot for immediate return on your investment. With 3 packages ranging from very simple, to a fully automated B2B Marketing system for your marketing department, as well as sales through the new sales-focused Pardot tool – Engage.

Custom Pardot Projects & Web Presence Overhauls

App Solve will work with you to determine your exact goals and needs around growing your top of the funnel business and opportunities – we’ll then create a completely customized solution to meet your needs. We’ll learn specifically who your target audience is, understand how to construct your messaging, then execute on a solution, ranging from customized Lead and Grading and Scoring to match your prospects’ buying journey, specialized Automation (Drip) programs to automate Lead nurturing, and if required, completely overhaul your website. We will ensure that we close the loop – as the visitor converts to a customer in a super-efficient way.

On-Going Digital Marketing & Strategy

Pardot is a phenomenal tool – but without a team of individuals dedicated to running it and feeding it with relevant content, the platform can run out of fuel. In addition to implementing Pardot, App Solve also works on an on-going basis on Content Creation, Marketing Strategy, on-going Automation (Drip) Campaign execution and Social Media engagement to ensure that you continue to engage your audience and turn website visitors into leads, then into customers.

Pardot Features

Effortless Lead Management

Easily identify the hottest leads and by targeting the right customers at the right time, you can improve engagement and sell more easily. Using an easy visual builder, build complex rules for automation. Display dynamic content to personalize the customer experience. All in one visual interface: create, test, send, and report.

Improved Lead Generation

Keep the pipeline filled with high-quality leads. Using Pardot’s visual editor, implement beautifully branded landing pages by using templates or easily customized layouts. For simple form creation, use the drag-and-drop builder. See the impact of your SEM and SEO efforts by integrating Google AdWords and analyze keyword performance.

Easy Email Marketing

Using Pardot’s intuitive email builder, create professional emails quickly by using responsive and out-of-the-box templates or building custom designs. Send the right message at the right time with automated engagements ands set autoresponders to your landing pages and website forms.

Sales & Marketing Sync

Sell more easily when marketing and sales are in sync. Keep track of interaction with messages sent via Gmail and get real-time alerts via email, desktop or mobile device to connect at the right time, every time. Read your customers’ minds by having a comprehensive prospect activity history to create more relevant conversations. 

Smarter ROI Reporting

Measure, track and gain insights from campaign results with ROI reporting. Know how customers move through the sales funnel from click to close with Lifecycle reporting. View how customers interact with your emails at any time of your campaign with advanced Email reporting.

Artificial Intelligence

Pardot Einstein tracks and interprets data from Pardot and Salesforce, as well as prioritises work for the sales and marketing teams. Einstein reveals which types of prospects are most likely to engage in the form of simple scores and insights. Also, Einstein Lead Scoring identifies leads that are most likely to become costumers depending on their persona.

Customer Stories


Upskill needed a solution that allowed them to not only analyze their prospects but to also improve on their customer conversion rates. Upskill also suffered from information silos and needed a re-optimization solution, to go along with a new marketing approach.


Working with App Solve allowed Upskill to deliver a company-wide rollout of Salesforce’s B2B Marketing platform, Pardot. App Solve successfully implemented Pardot, by making sure it was seamlessly integrated with Sales Cloud and optimized through a fully customized object fields re-work.


Due to poor implementation and configuration of Salesforce Pardot, CWS was not able to achieve their goals of properly tracking, analyzing and ultimately converting more leads. Furthermore, CWS lacked training on Salesforce Pardot, which led them to having highly ineffective campaigns.


CWS turned to App Solve to optimize their Salesforce Pardot Marketing Automation Platform. App Solve repaired CWS’ domain tracking, allowing them to track both anonymous and identified visitors on their website.



National Bid Network was having difficulty measuring the success of its campaign and lacked the right tools that would allow it to measure the success of various campaigns sent out across different platforms.


National Bid Network selected Pardot for marketing automation in order to consolidate and streamline campaigns on a single platform, ensure messages were directed to the right audiences and track performance through in-depth reports.

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