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Automate your CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote)

We help businesses incorporate CPQ automation to quickly and accurately generate quotes for orders. Take sales reps out of spreadsheets and into an automated solution that generates error-free quotes.

CPQ automation leads to a more effective and profitable sales process

Make the sales process easier, faster, and more organized. Formalizing rules and pricing, establishing company-wide standardisation, increasing business performance, and more are all benefits of CPQ automation. However, the most significant advantages of CPQ automation are the proven increase in sales and reduction in costs.

Why hire App Solve consultants for CPQ automation?

 If you’re using spreadsheets or other legacy tools to configure products, create price quotes, and it’s slowing you down.  

If someone is manually reviewing all quotes, your business won’t be able to scale.  Having a person look over all sales quotes to ensure accuracy might work for the short term but not for the long term. 

If you’re sending out incorrect quotes, whether for wrong pricing or configuration. In order to build a partnership, you don’t want to start out with embarrassing mistakes.

How can CPQ automation benefit your company?

Simplified contract process

Don’t let leads reaching the end of the sales pipeline fall away as a result of a slow-moving sales quote process. You’ll never have to use the phrase “Let me get back to you” to quote an accurate price.

Increased Accuracy

Did you know that 76% of costumers stop doing business with a brand after only one bad customer experience? With CPQ automation you can take human error out of the equation to provide reliable and consistent quotes every time.

Reduced timeframes

Companies that use CPQ automation see a decrease in the length of their sales cycles, and an increase in proposal volume per representative per month.

Personalized service

Provide your customers with a quote designed for them as individuals. Sales reps can update quotes in real time when there are changes to customers purchases.

Maximized sales

With all these benefits, companies that invest in CPQ automation  see an increase of 105 percent growth in their average deal size.

The average improvement in accuracy that customers see


Reduction in number of quotes that have configuration errors


Reduction in number of quotes with pricing errors


Increase in forecast accuracy

The average improvement in speed that customers see


Reduction in time needed to generate a quote


Reduction in quote approval time


Decrease in time from quote to close

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