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Marketing Cloud

At App Solve, we can help you identify the right Marketing Automation platform to meet your company’s needs. By first assessing your long and short-term objectives, we are able to find the best solution to help take your company’s direct marketing programs to the next level through best-in-class marketing automation.

Best-in-class marketing automation

Did your last marketing campaign provide an increase in sales or just an increase in leads? App Solve’s Marketing Cloud offers clients data-driven solutions that actually drive higher sales and not just an increase in leads. We develop marketing strategies rooted in data that ensure campaigns use relevant, timely and targeted content that get the right message to the right people through the right channels. App Solve won’t just help marketers generate better, hotter leads to send to the sales team; we’ll also develop the surrounding business processes that guarantee sales and marketing teams are working together to action on those leads. Click the icons below to learn more about how we make this possible.

Define Your Market

The first step in deploying a successful data-driven marketing plan is to ensure you can define your target audience. App Solve will make sense of your current data and develop a vantage like a 360 degree view of your customer. This is done first by data analysis and audits and followed by data aggregation, integrations and cleansing. This will provide the basis for developing nurturing relationships with timely and relevant content driven by user behaviour.

Optimize the Technology

Now that your data is ready to be put into use, it’s time to optimize technology and automate your marketing processes. App Solve will help choose and implement the right platform and complementary technologies to meet your marketing and sales objectives. We’ll develop testing processes that benefit your overall marketing strategy and not just individual campaigns while also creating a powerful conversion engine. This will result in greater improved sales insights that contribute to the alignment between sales and marketing teams, intelligent lead management and improved and ultimately higher sales.

Analyze & Evolve

To complete the cycle, App Solve will develop measures to ensure your marketing activities are analyzed effectively and that you’re provided with the right feedback (sales insights, ROI reporting and analytics, campaign measurements) for continuous campaign and strategy improvement. Utilizing that analysis, your marketing campaigns will continue to evolve as your data does and the evaluation process will start all over again. This will ensure you are always communicating timely and relevant content to the right audience through the correct channels.

Customer Story


At the time, the firm was utilizing Marketing Cloud and their capabilities were limited to simple sends and importing leads from various sources. A consultant was required to map out their business processes and a strategy was required to align Marketing Cloud with their business objectives.


Expertise in help and setup focusing on 3 areas: Lead Generation, Campaign Meta and Journeys. The basis of the 3 areas, starts with mapping out the processes. App Solve set up Campaign UI for easy campaign setup as well as the ability to enter campaign meta relevant to campaigns executed by the marketing team. Also, we created a de-dupe process utilizing tools and queries in Marketing Cloud and mapped out business process.