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Financial Services

We help financial service businesses layout their goals, approach and strategy as the first step before incorporating automation and artificial intelligence to increase leads, build better customer relationships, be more efficient, and transform your business. 

Automation is the future for Financial Service providers

With the help of a cloud based platform, bring all your applications and decision-making needs together in one place. You can work faster and more effectively with automation, which improves customer loyalty and experience.

Build highly personalized experiences for both customers and agents, allowing them to see the big picture to adapt faster, act smarter, and achieve better outcomes.

Why automate your Financial Services company?

Customers want personalised outreach and proactive insights on their financial lives through banking and wealth management.

Millions of dollars are being lost in the financial sector simply to collect, reconcile, and analyse results. Make better sense of your data and integrate your business processes to become more reliable, effective, and capable of acting on previously unknown insight. 

 Financial Service businesses are automating many of their current processes. Stay competitive as technology evolves. 

How can financial services automation benefit your company?

Improve risk management

Remove subjective interpretation and conduct more powerful screening of potential customers. Early identify actions that indicate an increased risk of default and fraud.

Enhance workflow

Workflows are more streamlined and effective because there are fewer manual tasks. Focus on more challenging lending situations instead of underwriters spending time and resources on tasks that can be done automatically. 

Better customer relationships

 Customers want financial firms to know them, direct them, advise them and deliver solutions that solve their current and future needs. Help advisors get a single 360-degree view of the customer.

Boost performance

Critical tasks can be automatically controlled to prevent losses and to eliminate the risk of human error. Productivity can be increased by an estimated 50% because of automated processes that had previously lived on spreadsheets. 

Better visibility

A lack of visibility across the
sales funnel is like driving blind. With automation you can get better data quality, new data sources and improved scoring techniques.

Go paperless

 Too many documents can overwhelm your staff and make it difficult to process them all efficiently. Jump to innovation and not only eliminate paper, but also improve business processes while simplifying your IT environment.


of work activities can be automated


of customers prefer handling their everyday transactions digitally


of bank operations leaders say that customer experience is their top strategic priority

Customer Stories


Due to poor implementation and configuration of Salesforce Pardot, CWS was not able to achieve its goals of properly tracking, analyzing, and ultimately converting more leads.


App Solve repaired CWS’ domain tracking, allowing them to track both anonymous and identified visitors on their website. Also, App Solve updated/repaired web-to-lead forms to ensure the user submissions were being added to Pardot.


Long time users of Salesforce.com, Dynamic Systems wanted to leverage and enable their worldwide partner channel with a streamlined system for them to be able to access their leads, cases and performance.


Dynamic Systems chose Salesforce.com Partner Communities to provide their partners with a specialized window into their business, specifically designed for each individual partner’s use case.


National Bid Network was having difficulty measuring the success of its campaign and lacked the right tools that would allow it to measure the success of various campaigns sent out across different platforms.


After selecting Pardot as the best solution for their needs, National Bid Network then partnered with App Solve to implement and begin harnessing the power of Pardot. National Bid Network also wished to integrate and deploy Salesforce, a customer relationship management (CRM) tool, with the marketing automation tool.