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Financial Services Cloud

With numerous complex projects and collaborations with leading customers across the financial service industry, at App Solve we can help our customers by combining the best practices of the industry with the enhanced set of productivity and engagement features of the Financial Services Cloud. Strategic partnerships with best in class industry leaders makes it easy to deliver superior service. Some key performance indicators to note for customers using the Financial Services Cloud are:

  • 41% increase in customer satisfaction
  • 37% increase in banker productivity
  • 40% faster decision making

Financial Services Cloud

The world’s #1 CRM, recreated for financial services

A 360-degree insight into customers’ financial profiles places the customer at the forefront of every connection, from retail banking to wealth management.

Financial Services Cloud is fully integrated within the Salesforce world. Get the power, scalability, and security you’re used to with Salesforce.

 Unleash the full potential of your financial services company.

Become your customers’ financial wellness partner with trust, transparency, and convenience

Financial Services Cloud provides an integrated platform that can be tailored to any financial services organization’s high-touch relationship mode. Financial Services Cloud integrates sales, service, and marketing into a consistent, personalized customer experience across all departments and communication channels.

Enhanced productivity and decision-making with a unified financial services experience

Increase productivity through easy to use and intuitive tools and UI. Dynamic user experience provides a holistic view of the client portfolio, with proactive information pushed to the advisor that also accelerates productivity.

Increased process efficiency to improve client interaction

Reduce manual processes, time spent aggregating information and fulfilling administrative and compliance tasks. Consequently, have the ability to focus more deeply on building client relationships and loyalty. Use a Salesforce Private Client Community to engage directly with clients. Choose to engage from your pick of mobile devices anytime from anywhere.

Address regulatory compliance thoroughly informed and updated

Gain complete visibility into every interaction your company has with the client. Help manage compliance with access to secure client and household profiles. Engage with the client equipped with complete information.



Advisors that lack the necessary technology to provide the superior level of support that clients have come to request lead them and their teams to be often isolated from their clients’ activities.

Many financial advisors are still spending too much time on manual processes, gathering information, and on administrative and compliance tasks.

Better digital solutions and automation will help reduce investor fees and provide them with a higher level of engagement in the managing of their capital.




To remain competitive, increasing efficiency is the way, no matter the industry. Especially in the field of wealth management.

Financial Services Cloud has built a dynamic user experience to provide advisors a comprehensive view of their clients’ portfolios.

Whenever advisors log into Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, they will be given a list of the most important tasks to be accomplished that day.  

If you want to bring more important data to Salesforce that isn’t available in Financial Services Cloud, you can access an ecosystem of trusted partners: Informatica, Data from Yodlee, and Advisor Software, and more.




Remove silos in your company by focusing activity on the rich customer profile and then engaging directly with customers through a Salesforce Private Client Community.

 Collaboration will now take place where and wherever the customer needs it, and on the device of their choice.

Financial Services Cloud 1-to-1 Client Community can be integrated into your existing client portal, if you already have one. If you need a Community, use the one from Financial Services Cloud to connect to other important data sources.




Customer Story


Fundata was using several disjointed systems like Microsoft Dynamics, Sharepoint, Outlook, and other homegrown systems, etc. in their business operations. A large number of these systems were poorly implemented and often misfits for the business needs.


With Fundata’s end goal of integrating all their processes and operating the business from a single entity in mind, App Solve set up their Salesforce org and integrated the necessary systems with it. Custom objects were created to enable the capture of specific information regarding data and its distribution, and to address any data related issues and logging requests in a systematic, orderly manner.