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Sales Automation

We help businesses incorporate sales automation to enhance lead management, increase sales efficiency, and improve follow-up sales initiatives. Firms working with sales automation close more deals and grow their revenue faster.

Thousands of companies worldwide are automating their sales processes

Our sales automation consultants use their extensive IT and software expertise to locate, evaluate, validate and implement sales automation technology, an important industry practice that is growing massively across all market sectors.

Why hire App Solve consultants for sales automation?

 Sales automation consulting provides sales automation insights and strategies to a company’s sales processes.

Spreadsheets don’t help real-time decision making. Considering the advances in technology over the last 5-10 years, it seems illogical to keep choosing Excel spreadsheets as the businesses’ tool of choice.

Companies can switch from sales inefficiencies solely based on sales reps to automated sales processes relying on CRM applications.

How can sales automation benefit your company?

Sales Forecasting

Get a detailed summary of the whole company with thorough predictions. See the full picture of your whole pipeline and your business, and respond accordingly where necessary.

Lead Management

More leads can be converted into actual opportunities. Automatic lead scoring and routing can be set up to guarantee leads are never overlooked.

Workflow and Approvals

Quickly build and automate any business procedure with drag-and-drop ease. Also, customize approval processes for deal discounts, expenditures, and more.

Reports and Dashboards

Have a real-time picture of your business at a glance. Anyone will be able to create reports and access them from anywhere.

Sync & Share Files

Sharing, debating, publishing and monitoring files in real-time is easier. You can quickly search, share, and even get updates whenever something changes.


You can turn your smartphone device into a mobile sales office. Calls can be logged, hot leads responded or dashboards reviewed regardless of where you are.

Customer Stories


Accolade Partners needed to capture information on Contacts, Funding and Investors.They needed to configure and reconfigure certain objects and settings in order to scale their organization.


Objects and relationships between them were reconfigured to enable accurate reporting. Calendar Anything for events was installed and configured. Furthermore, SQL Matching Reports & Import, Data Migration & Reports and Dashboard Builds were executed, and WordPress Forms Integration with Salesforce was implemented.


Even though AMT already used Salesforce.com’s Sales Cloud, the company still suffered from disparate systems and tools within their organization. Crucial information requests were not reported to customer support on time.


AMT partnered with App Solve to do a re-optimization of their Salesforce platform across all relevant business divisions. The re-optimization package included streamlining business systems through seamless integration of their association management system and their business intelligence tools into Salesforce.com’s Sales Cloud.


The customer upgraded to Salesforce.com Enterprise Edition 6 months prior to the App Solve project but was unable to leverage the system to capitalize on the new functionality because of a lack of time, resources and in-house expertise.


App Solve provided unique advice and consultation on how the sales team could be even more productive by sharing Salesforce.com, in-house best practices on using opportunity pages, views and sales processes.