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Costumer Service

Providing quality service to your customers lead to more money, growth, and sustainability. When building a successful business, service matters. App Solve provides the best alternative and solutions for your specific company’s customer service needs.

Provide your customers with the information and support they need

Service agents can be more productive and deliver a better customer experience when using an intuitive customer support software tailored to address the unique needs of their company and customers.

Why hire App Solve consultants for customer service?

The most important reason why customer service is so important is because it contributes to profits. Revenue increases with great customer service.

Customer happiness correlates to Employee happiness. A happier workforce is directly connected to the ability of businesses to offer stronger customer satisfaction, specially in sectors with strong interaction between staff and consumers, including hospitality, retail, tourism, restaurants, health care and financial services.

Companies that keep current customers happy will have more stable revenue and more accurate predictions.

How can customer service benefit your company?

Respond Fast

Your service team can work faster regardless of where they are. Cases will resolve faster using a suite of innovative productivity applications that offer agents a full, shared view of every customer and interaction.

Self-Service Portals

Provide instant support by connecting your customers to knowledge articles, account information, and community members to look for answers immediately. Also, AI-powered chatbots can be embedded to rapidly address customer issues.

Customer Support On Any Channel

Find your customers on the platforms they prefer: SMS, Chat, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, and more to provide one-on-one support in their moment of need.

Efficient Service in the Field

Have a real-time picture of your business at a glance. Anyone will be able to create reports and access them from anywhere.

Work Smarter with AI

Sharing, debating, publishing and monitoring files in real-time is easier. You can quickly search, share, and even get updates whenever something changes.

Always Ready for Change

By going digital, your business will always be ready for change. Easily and quickly deploy the latest service innovations with a customizable, little-to-no-coding platform.


of organizations trying to boost customer service report an increase in revenue


would recommend the company to others after a positive customer experience


of people would return to a company with excellent service

Customer Stories


ScrapWare came to App Solve having recently upgrading to Service Cloud functionality and needed assistance in getting the President of the company out of customer service, automating case assignments and enabling their service team with a functional, productive tool.


App Solve created case assignment and escalation rules so that the appropriate case reached the appropriate rep just at the right time. App Solve also configured the Knowledge Base so that ScrapWare could freely add articles from their prior system.


The Field Service Lightning implementation they had in place could not go live and they sought out another partner to address the challenges that they were faced with.


We created a new “Site” Record, won Opportunities, and updated the work order views and ability to view Service Contracts. We also improved asset history visibility and the user experience.



Level Up Your Home sought out a solution that would streamline their communication and work with their field technicians allowing them to spend more time providing world-class experience to their customers.


The appropriate solution was a Field Service Lightning implementation featuring a mobile component, electronic signatures, project management, email integrations, and Shopify integrations.