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ERP Integration

The more places that store data, the more chances to end up with inconsistent information between different systems. App Solve enables customers to integrate their ERP system seamlessly with Salesforce or bring ERP into Salesforce itself, to ensure a single source of truth for all their data.

Bridge disparate ERP data into one Master system

ERP integration with Salesforce helps companies achieve a seamless flow of information and process across the different silos of the business, allowing them to function more productively.

Operations and financials tied to sales

Bringing disparate systems into one master system ensures that it becomes the one source of truth for everyone at the organization. The processes of sales, finance and operations flow together more seamlessly, resulting in improved forecasting, operations and accuracy of financials.

Increased visibility of data

Different departments of the company are able to see the same data, allowing the different teams to collaborate better and make faster, smarter and more informed decisions. Better account management because a sales rep can see all the operational information in their system, better cross sell and upsell and subsequently better customer experience.

Automated data management tasks

Copy/paste tasks can be eliminated altogether, reducing duplication of effort, increasing data accuracy and enabling better utilization of resources. Efficiency and productivity are increased as a result.

Customer Story


To enhance the capabilities of mobile users, Bactronix planned a major CRM transformation—migrating from an on-premise solution to the cloud-based Salesforce.com platform.


Taking a two-phase approach, App Solve first integrated all sales account and opportunity information so the Bactronix sales team could continue to efficiently close on business and foster client relationships. App Solve then integrated service history data, which enabled the client support team to properly manage ongoing engagements.