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Sales Cloud

Sales Cloud is the world’s #1 CRM and the ideal customer management tool for any stage of your company’s growth. Flexible enough for companies of any size or field and customizable to whatever you need with the largest enterprise app ecosystem. Connect your sales team to service, marketing, commerce, and more.

World’s top-rated sales software

Our team brings a unique inside/outside perspective on the Salesforce platform because we used to work in sales with Salesforce directly, so we know how Salesforce uses their own software to have become the fastest growing and one of the largest software companies in the world.  Let us show how you can do the same.


Hit the ground running in your new Salesforce Sales Cloud environment and get immediate results as our certified consultants map solutions to take your success into hyper-drive.


Regardless of what components we’re including with your Sales Cloud project – whether it’s your accounting system, quote/proposal management, marketing automation or Partner/Reseller management – we’ll ensure that the entire platform allows your business to dominate your market in sales.

Sales Cloud Consulting &

Over time, your business changes, and App Solve enables you to continue your hockey stick growth by consulting on your current Salesforce.com system and potentially ‘Re-Optimizing’ your Salesforce platform. Your system may have been implemented years ago in an obscure, self-contained department, and now it’s time to re-deploy and Re-Optimize your Salesforce system. This may also include adding a new tool within the platform, like Wave Analytics, Field Service Lightning, Marketing Cloud etc.

Sales Cloud Einstein

Sales Cloud Einstein is the only and first extensive AI for CRM. It analyzes your CRM data to discover what separates deals won from deals lost. Einstein enables you to become an AI-first company so you can get smarter and more predictive about your customers. Every rep can have a personal data scientist to sell smarter.

Salesforce Inbox

Email integration tool that integrates with your inbox in Salesforce so it allows for more elaborate email and CRM functionality. Bring email, calendar, and CRM together in one seamless experience. Immediately update your CRM with sales data from your inbox and sell smarter from your inbox.

Customer Stories


There was a lack of transparency, limited communication cross-departmentally and it was difficult to get a streamlined view of the extensive opportunities that Trace was tracking.


Collaborating with Trace Systems, we derived a solution from Sales Cloud. We took into account long-term scalability as well as addressing pain points that Trace Systems experienced: we enabled integration with Outlook 365, added workflow automation and incorporated a LinkedIn integration to allow users the ability to see who the decision makers were and who was involved at what part of the acquisition cycle.


Growing at such a high pace, ASIS International was struggling with managing their sales processes to align with their overall firm strategy. Disparate systems plagued the organization from properly connecting sales territories with their respective lead prospects.


As a first step, ASIS partnered with App Solve to implement Salesforce.com Sales cloud with the purpose of integrating all of ASIS’ information from their current sources into the new centralized Salesforce instance.



All-Star Baseball Academy (ASBA) was actively looking for a more customized solution that would allow them to automate their marketing campaigns and create unique, targeted content for existing customers.


ASBA turned to App Solve to build them a customized Salesforce platform from scratch. A customized platform addressed most of ASBA’s concerns but still lacked the automation required to make the process as smooth as possible.