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Customer Story

A Salesforce upgrade and customized Salesforce Project Management build-out.

Company Profile

Alliance provides full-service hotel show planning and production for small and mid-sized events. Alliance helps show organizers and exhibitors achieve their goals and maximize return on investment by providing easy access to cost-effective, high-quality service. 

The Challenge

Alliance had all project management activities tracked inside Workfront, their legacy CMR. They needed a more user-intuitive platform for all their employees as some users who were using the software for more than a year still got confused on how to do some actions. They didn’t have the time to engage in significant training periods.

The Solution

Prior to the project management build-out, we did a Salesforce enhancement, where we upgraded their system to Enterprise Edition and customized it for their scaling business.

App Solve then created a project management app with Alliance’s current Salesforce environment that mimicked the project management taking place with Workfront. Custom fields, record types, page layouts, list views, and other common configurations were created in order to accurately track project data. We also created the task management necessary for creating a project checklist on the Salesforce project record.

Then, we performed a data migration out of Workfront into the new Salesforce Project Management App and ensured there were no errors or missing records.

App Solve configured the Salesforce Production Planner form to mimic the exact PDF version of the form where users would use Salesforce to complete the form.

A 3rd party app, Conga Composer, was installed to allow users to generate the PDF form equivalent with all of the completed fields. This PDF output is identical to the existing PDF form and could be saved to Salesforce automatically and e-mailed or printed.

App Solve enabled Project Management Calendars to allow users to visualize projects on a daily, weekly, monthly, annual timeline.

We also installed a 3rd party app, Calendar Anything, to allow users to one-click open project-related calendars, and the calendars were configured to be compatible with the mobile Salesforce app.

The Results

Alliance is now taking advantage of all Salesforce features, tools, and automations that were not available when managing projects in Workfront. For instance: automatic notifications and groups are notified if projects are updated or changed.

Also, tracking income, expenses, totals, and other relevant fields are easily managed and monitored as App Solve created the fields and formulas necessary for creating a project budget on the Salesforce project record. This budget is easily accessible on the project, easily updated, and reportable.

Products Utilized:


Conga automates time-consuming business processes and makes it easier to handle orders, billing, and promotions by streamlining and automating the revenue management process so you can concentrate on what really matters.

Services Provided:

Custom Solutions

Whether we’re building custom applications in Salesforce like in Chatter, building API integrations from scratch or custom 3rd party application integrations – we bring technology to the business to ensure all company objectives are exceeded.

CRM Migration

Transferring data from one CRM to Salesforce can be difficult and is often a daunting process. We recognize the complexity of the data and the importance of protecting its integrity. Our consultants will develop and implement a migration strategy that is consistent with your business objectives.