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Customer Story

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud implementation

Company Profile

Fundata Canada Inc. is the leading provider to Canadian fund companies, financial professionals and investors of investment research, analysis and marketing tools for stocks, ETFs and mutual funds through their suite of products and services which is backed by their robust and comprehensive database.

Over the past two decades, Fundata has grown into the leading investment fund and analytics provider in the Canadian marketplace, providing information that reaches over 80,000 advisors, millions of investors, and scores of institutions every day through our network of newspapers, web and corporate clients across North America.

Fundata has historically had a primary focus on the Canadian mutual fund industry, but has more recently expanded into Canadian stocks and the US market as well. Services offered include the distribution of raw data feeds, performance and risk data, specialized analytics, the development of customized web content as well as the web and desktop-based application FundProfiler.

The Challenge

Fundata was using several disjointed systems like Microsoft Dynamics, Sharepoint, Outlook, and other homegrown systems, etc. in their business operations. A large number of these systems were poorly implemented and often misfits for the business needs. Different systems being used in different departments meant that the business was suffering from inefficiency. In addition, a great deal of the information available was not being captured in Fundata’s CRM, leading to potential loss of opportunities; to ensure success, the client needed a system to capture this missing data and make it only available to those needing it in a standard format. Fundata also required some automations to be put in place, in order to make their sales and service more crisp and competent, and to track client engagement for self-evaluation and consistent improvement in their processes.

The Solution

With Fundata’s end goal of integrating all their processes and operating the business from a single entity in mind, App Solve set up their Salesforce org and integrated the necessary systems with it. Custom objects were created to enable the capture of specific information regarding data and its distribution, and to address any data related issues and logging requests in a systematic, orderly manner. Automation was set up for the agreement renewal process, thus cutting down on time spent generating proper, error-free documents. Additionally, App Solve built reports and dashboards to track activity of the salespeople, track success and lost opportunities, and record interactions with customer service. Counsel on data migration was also provided to Fundata to help them move their existing data into Salesforce.

The Results

The team at App Solve was able to turn a highly cumbersome sales cycle into a much more efficient and integrated process. Fundata can now benefit from faster sales deployment and shorter post conversion stabilizing periods. With a broader access to shared data, Fundata has access to better sales metrics and can better forecast areas of revenue growth. Furthermore, the custom dashboards make all this data easily accessible to all members of the team. With one year of data under our belt, we now have a baseline to measure our efficiency going forward.

Products Utilized:

Sales Cloud

As the core foundational CRM product within the Salesforce platform, Sales Cloud provides the baseline for the 30% revenue growth that the average App Solve customer achieves. Key areas like contact management, opportunity management, forecasting, reports and dashboards allow you to automate sales to supercharge growth.

Financial Services Cloud

Financial Services Cloud is an integrated platform designed to drive stronger, lasting client relationships. Financial Services Cloud benefits from continuous innovation, providing users, often financial advisors, ongoing access to new features and enhancements designed to grow your business faster.

Services Provided:

Salesforce.com Training

App Solve includes training in every implementation project that we do, to ensure that our customers achieve the best possible ROI on their Salesforce platform.  We also provide training as stand-alone projects 

Custom Solutions

Whether we’re building custom applications in Salesforce like in Chatter, building API integrations from scratch or custom 3rd party application integrations – we bring technology to the business to ensure all company objectives are exceeded.