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Customer Story

Sales Cloud and System Integration Implementation

Company Profile

Genius 100 is an active and engaged not-for-profit community of 100 exceptionally imaginative and impactful human beings, bringing accomplished, compassionate minds together to re-imagine the future – and to implement creative initiatives to improve it.

Genius 100 was founded to inspire and support the creation and expansion of new knowledge and solutions, by acting as a hub and catalyst for collaboration and partnership between leaders and future thinkers through the sharing of knowledge and experience.The 100 great minds are selected from ten disciplines, including the arts, sciences, technology, and humanities, to form a community of 100 geniuses.

The Challenge

Prior to implementation, Genius 100 was storing all their information in spreadsheets and other disjointed systems. Because all the information was not stored in one platform, they struggled to turn them into actionable items, thus failing to serve their business needs. Genius 100 needed a secure system where all the data they captured could be maintained in a single place in an organized manner, and be utilized to drive meaningful interactions with their stakeholders.

The Solution

With the focus on Genius 100’s objective to create an efficient, functioning CRM for easy handling of interactions with individuals and businesses in mind, App Solve worked to optimize their current Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) in a manner that best matched their business needs. Besides setting up the system, all required objects were built and configured in the manner that allowed the capture of a wide variety of information in an organized and consistent manner. This allowed the easy onboarding of company’s founders and tracking of the revenue represented by them. In addition, tracking was also set for all events, attendees and marketing efforts. App Solve also enabled the system to send bi-monthly email blasts within the limits of NPSP. Data migration services were provided to ensure that Genius 100 was able to smoothly transition into this system. Training and additional post-project support was also provided to maximize user adoption of their Salesforce instance.

The Results

Working with AppSolve helped Genius100 transition to Salesforce seamlessly. They found their needs translated into a platform that enabled them to work more effectively and efficiently. It also improved their connectivity and productivity tremendously.

Products Utilized:

Sales Cloud

As the core foundational CRM product within the Salesforce platform, Sales Cloud provides the baseline for the 30% revenue growth that the average App Solve customer achieves. Key areas like contact management, opportunity management, forecasting, reports and dashboards allow you to automate sales to supercharge growth.