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One of Salesforce’s greatest competitive advantages is the AppExchange, its huge marketplace of apps.
These apps — numbering in the thousands — are built and customized for different facets of your business, designed to make Salesforce even more effective for you. And they’re peer-reviewed.

Here are five recent additions to AppExchange that we think are worth checking out.


If you use QuickBooks, Breadwinner will interest you. It connects QuickBooks and Salesforce for a two-way sync. Any invoices you create within either system will be synced to Salesforce and automatically updated. You can also see information in Salesforce for the corresponding account, such as invoice totals and overdue payments.


This app won’t be everyone’s taste but if you’re looking for unique ways to stay motivated to sell, it’s worth a try. Spiro markets itself as your personal assistant for Salesforce. According to the developer, Spiro’s predictive analytics connect with Salesforce, along with your inbox and calendar, to recommend what timely actions you should take with customers and prospects to move them along.

Undo Button

This app isn’t fancy, but it’s incredibly useful. Get the app, add the button your pages and use it to undo any unwanted or mistaken changes to contacts, leads, opportunities and accounts. Spot a mistake from weeks earlier? No problem; the Undo Button lets you reverse changes from up to 30 days prior.


Using a plethora of sources, the Clearbit app provides real-time business intelligence to give you fresh data on contacts and leads. Not only does it save you from hours spent researching and qualifying, it can help you prioritize leads and keep records up-to-date.

Cirrus Insight

Cirrus Insight isn’t new but its availability for iOS and Android is a recent addition. Cirrus integrates with your Gmail or Outlook inbox to provide a whole new suite of capabilities. Use it to connect emails, attachments and log calls to Salesforce records, sync your email contacts and calendars, book meetings from your inbox and more.