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Accounting Seed is a Salesforce native application designed to provide Accounting capabilities to the Salesforce CRM platform. Having accounting within Salesforce closes the loop on your business process as you will be able to go from leads to sales to invoicing within one platform. Having your business process on a single platform makes it easy to track and report on your business and have a bigger picture of your business stats on a real-time basis.

Below are a few benefits of Accounting seed for Service Companies:

Integrated into your CRM

Since Accounting Seed is a Salesforce native application, it follows Salesforce in regards to regular updates of its own. Also, it’s able to leverage Salesforce’s regular updates to the platform. Having your Accounting system on a scalable platform like Salesforce ensures that you are future-proofing your business software.

Access from anywhere in the world

One of the advantages of being on Salesforce is the ability to access and do your business from anywhere in the world. This has been tremendously impactful during the current pandemic where work from home has become the norm for most businesses. Salesforce also provides a mobile app that makes it even easier to get access and work on your business from the palm of your hand.

Ability to automate similar to your CRM

One of the core features of Salesforce is the ability to customize the platform using point and click automation. These are user-friendly automation that can be set up by a user without needing the help of a developer. Businesses can leverage this ability to automate repetitive tasks for the users to save them a considerable amount of work hours which would otherwise be used up in doing these repetitive tasks. Salesforce also provides the ability to customize with code in case the point and click tools are not enough to cover your use case.

Ability to use third-party apps to extend your Accounting Seed’s functionality

Another advantage of using Salesforce and Accounting Seed is the ability to extend your Accounting Seed’s functionally using third-party apps. A few examples would be to use a connector to connect Concur and Accounting Seed so that all your logged expense reports can be synced over to Accounting Seed for processing. Another example is third-party document generation tools to generate documents within Salesforce based on documents templates that your business utilizes on a regular basis.

Custom reporting and Salesforce reporting

In the end, the main advantage of combining your CRM and Accounting into one platform is the ability to have a complete picture of your business. Accounting Seed provides standard accounting reporting for the balance sheets, P&L statements, etc. Also, it has the ability to create custom reports. In addition, Salesforce’s powerful reporting module can be used to create reports showing data from Sales to Invoicing. Using Salesforce’s Dashboard module you would be able to place these reports on a Dashboard to easily visually track your company’s performance on a regular basis.