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Salesforce is a great, yet complex platform. Businesses invest in it without delivering adequate training to end-users about how to better use it in their job. You need the experience to take advantage of all its features and benefits.

Is your staff still using spreadsheets to update and track data, even though the best CRM tool, Salesforce, is available to them? If they don’t know how to use and take advantage of some of the new Salesforce Lightning features such as Kanban, or Einstein Search, then probably it’s time to consider training as a necessary investment.

In order to handle and manage all routine tasks effectively, the need for a Salesforce administrator is increasing amongst companies. However, to ensure that Salesforce is fully adopted, businesses need to provide adequate training to all employees who use it.

Even though training and coaching play such an essential part, it has always been a neglected factor in the roll-out of Salesforce.

What are the reasons for overlooking Salesforce training?

Depending on the company, there are many reasons for this. The budget standard is most of the time the first and main reason. It is correct that training and learning is an investment and a business may not have the resources needed to support a training Bootcamp from a reliable Salesforce partner.

Other reasons can include avoiding employees leaving the organizations after having invested in training for staff. After they gain expertise and knowledge, they might look for better opportunities afterward.

Another factor why many organizations ignore the training aspect is that they rely on DIY training. Moreover, they encourage workers to learn how to work with Salesforce along the way in their careers based on trial and error methods. However, the implementation of a new platform in businesses is a completely different matter when there is no margin for error.

How will Salesforce training help your business improve its ROI?

Many businesses are, indeed, just scratching the surface with what Salesforce can do. A small percentage of users use all the functions the Salesforce provides.

When properly implemented and used, a CRM tool like Salesforce can help you increase lead conversion rates by 300 percent, according to a study. Tracking your leads every step of the way will enable your business to be effective, as salespeople will have all relevant information about each and every prospect’s activity in one place. At the end, it’s not just about driving sales. It’s about real engagement and creating deep relationships with prospects and customers.

When a lead becomes a customer, Salesforce makes it easier for businesses to track past behaviors such as purchases and downloads. Since Customer Service agents can look back through CRMs to see historic customer behavior, they can take steps such as proposing similar lines of service or rewarding customer loyalty.

The quality of leads is extremely important. Successful companies report lead scoring as an important factor in improving sales revenue. This scoring should not be work-intensive if proper Salesforce training has been implemented. After coordinating with your sales team to identify and define a qualified lead, a lead scoring and grading system can be implemented to better qualify leads. Automatic lead qualification saves time.

In a Nutshell

Salesforce training rapidly has become the secret to businesses’ growth. App Solve, as a Salesforce implementation and consulting partner, includes training in every implementation project to ensure that our customers achieve the best possible ROI on their Salesforce platform. However, does your business already have Salesforce but never got the proper training? We also provide training as stand-alone projects.

A piece of advice: whether you are recruiting new staff, introducing new skills, or an important improvement in the company process, take the needed training time and resources to expose them to your company’s procedures and know how they work. Your business will reach new heights and achieve rewarding goals.

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