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The only end-to-end, cloud-based business platform for services companies.

Run your business in one platform, from marketing, proposals, project management or field operations, and financials through to HR, Benefits and Payroll.

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Run your service business end to end on the Salesforce platform

  • Marketing automation to identify and nurture leads
  • CRM for account and pipeline management
  • In-CRM automated proposal builds and e-sign
  • Automatic invoice generation based on closed-won business, including full financial suite for GL, AR/AP and payroll
  • Automatic project creation to begin the process of delivering an exceptional level of service to your customers
  • And more…

After hundreds of Salesforce implementations with service firms, and using the system ourselves, App Solve has developed an end-to-end system tailored specifically to service firms.

By taking advantage of App Solve’s experience with service companies you’ll cut costs by implementing a tried and tested automated workflow tailored specifically for your type of business.

You’ll gain efficiency and productivity, then supercharge revenues.

Businesses on Propose2Project experience the following benefits:


  • Using the world’s #1 CRM to accelerate lead volume, acquire more customers and make better decisions through clear pipeline management
  • Build your consulting proposals, right in your CRM
    • No more working with Word and PDF – it’s automatic!
  • Automated invoice creation and project/job creation to super charge efficiency and delight your customers
  • Gain a complete understanding of job/project and total net profitability
  • Analytics on all aspects of the business, from lead through to payroll

Customer Story


Company Profile

BMS offers commercial janitorial and cleaning services, security services, and architectural restoration. For over 30 years, the BMS family of companies has provided its services to more than 100 million square feet of real estate across six markets, serving the largest commercial real estate and Fortune 500 companies in the nation. BMS is the industry leader in sustainability, holding more green certifications than 99% of industry peers, with a mission to create clean, safe, and eco-healthy building environments. The company focuses on quality, sustainability, and technology.

The Challenge

BMS, leading building maintenance service, was facing challenges in getting proposals out efficiently. In the course of business, a salesperson would meet the client, walk the space with them to gather their requirements, and then had to go back to the office to create the proposal, print, scan, and send it to the client for signing. There was no consistency in the way that proposals were being put together either. Adding to that, all the accounts were centralized in their accounting system only, so the sales team could not access this information in a place best suited to them. BMS wanted their salespeople to be able to send the proposal right from their mobile devices while still with the client. They needed App Solve to build a proposal system that would automate the whole process of proposal generation, send the Scope of Work right from the system and include emailing capability from inside Salesforce, thus reducing time lag and increasing efficiency, and ensure that more business is acquired and faster.

The Solution

With BMS’s improved productivity and customer management end goals in mind, App Solve configured their core CRM system and built solutions to enable the seamless flow of the information collected from the worksheet onto the proposal, scope of work, and into their Salesforce org. By integrating Conga Composer and DocuSign into their system, App Solve facilitated easy generation of customer-facing PDF Proposal, also enabled for electronic signature capability. The Salesforce1 mobile app was configured to allow mobile management proposals and communication templates were set up for quick, efficient customer communication. Additionally, App Solve constructed custom reports providing BMS access to real-time information on the system & the business, and provided support via testing, documentation, and training plan in order to maximize user adoption and ROI on the new system.



The Results

Post implementation, BMS was able to centralize all their accounts into their Salesforce org, ensuring that everyone had easy access to the information they needed in one place. The changes made also enabled BMS to adopt a more standardized proposal format and business closing process. Both proposals being generated and signatures being acquired much faster than before has resulted in a huge efficiency gain for BMS. The sales teams in particular are finding the new system very helpful in improving their productivity.

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