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Facebook and Twitter can be hugely valuable to a salesperson’s efforts, helping to generate leads and develop your sales funnel. These social media platforms can pack even more punch when you connect them to helpful tools designed to enhance their capabilities.

We’ve rounded up a list of powerful Facebook and Twitter tools for salespeople that can help optimize your efforts.


Sharing good content engages your Twitter audience, but finding that content and sharing it multiple times a day is a huge time commitment. Edgar helps ease this burden by allowing you to collect and save content, which it will then post for you at scheduled intervals.

With Edgar, you can bank a bunch of relevant tweets that can be recycled, based on however you choose to order them. Categorized by topic or theme, you can schedule tweets to be pumped out according to what is relevant to your business and your followers. Once cued, Edgar will send out your tweets as required, and once it’s out of fresh tweets, it will cycle back into your archives, assuring that your stream remains populated and that good content gets seen by followers who missed it the first time.


By simply entering keywords for topics you want to share, DrumUp will do the heavy-lifting, finding relevant and popular content online. It even recommends scheduling times and hashtags. What’s more, it’s customizable, allowing you to add commentary to the posts it generates and post your own original content from the same platform.


Buffer is a simple, direct scheduling tool for social media content that can be used with both Twitter and Facebook. Buffer prides itself on being simple to use.

Use Buffer to:

  • Format images appropriately for your various social feeds
  • Schedule campaigns across multiple social platforms, from one dashboard
  • Incorporate RSS feeds from your favourite sites, so you can easily share trusted content
  • Easily overlay text on your images to give them a personalized touch


ManageFlitter is an amazing tool to help make sure that you’re putting good content out into the Twitter universe right when your followers are most active. By tapping your user engagement data, ManageFlitter’s PowerPost publishes posts when it knows you have the highest levels of engagement from your followers. It has further features that help you weed out spam accounts, as well as generate follow lists based on hashtags or other accounts’ followers.


Crowdfire, compatible with both Twitter and Facebook, can help fine-tune your social campaigns. Think of it like a campaign wizard, advising and recommending who you should follow, and identifying the kind of content that is most likely to resonate with your followers. On top of this, Crowdfire can optimize a schedule for publishing that works best with these targeted audiences.