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The obvious initial reason that your organization would need to upgrade out of Group Edition is that it’s grown to need more than 5 users on the Salesforce.com platform. For other reasons that are not as obvious, here are our top 5.


The Campaign object is a way to describe any type of marketing effort, from Google Adwords, to Trade Shows, mass emailing and everything in between. The best features of Campaigns are as follows:

• Analyze return on investment and make decisions for your most appropriate marketing spend
• Trace and manage leads, contacts, accounts and opportunities all the way through the sales cycle and know exactly the results of marketing dollars and specifically tie wins to marketing efforts
• Tie campaigns to various contact forms on your website and track customer interactions

Mass Email

• Eliminate the need for other mass emailing tools by using Professional Edition Email Templates,    Letterheads and Mail Merge to engage a thousand targeted prospects and customers at a time.

Role Permissions

Need to restrict access?  Let’s say you’re a Sales Manager and you have a number of direct reports. You want your team members to view the dashboards that are relevant to them, while at the same time you’d likely not want to allow full access to make changes to fellow reps’ opportunities. Role Permissions allow these options.

Fully Customizable Dashboards

Group Edition has dashboards, but you need Professional Edition in order to fully customize them and pinpoint exactly what critical pieces of information of your business you would like to see.

Send real-time Quotes

• Point and click your way through generating and sending quotes to your customers – right from  your one platform with automatically generated contact and account information

These are our favourite and the top reasons our customers choose Professional Edition for their Customer Success Platform, Salesforce.com.

What are yours?

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