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1. Profiles

  • Profiles contain user permissions and access settings that control what users can do within your organization.
    • Enterprise Edition allows a Salesforce Implementation Partner like App Solve to set up your permissions and access settings incredibly specific to your business’s functions and roles– within a Profile. This way, as your business grows, scale seamlessly as you add users to already created and configured user profiles – and only worry about it again unless you make massive organizational changes.

2. Record Types

  • Do you have separate sales teams within your organization that need to follow different steps to win the deal?
    • Record Types allow different page layouts, so only the required information for that team is visible to them. This also allows for multiple sales processes so that if different steps need to occur for a sale to be made, that can be completely accommodated for that particular sales team.
  • Does your business include a B2C channel?
    • o Enterprise Edition features ‘Person Accounts’ – Salesforce.com is the ONLY CRM provider that does this. The system allows for a contact to be ‘un-attached’ to an account, this way you can accommodate your methods of selling to that person since they’re buying your company’s services directly, not another company.
  • Do you sell Products AND Services?
    • o Record Types allow your business to manage and track opportunities based on the different revenue channels that your organization is recognizing.

3. Access to API’s

  • Enterprise Edition allows your business access to the Salesforce.com API’s so that you can integrate nearly any application with your CRM platform (do not need to rely on the AppExchange). Whether you want to fully integrate your ERP, Accounting, Project Management – the options are almost endless.

4. Field Level Security

  • Would you like individual fields visible only to certain users or profiles? This is possible using Enterprise Edition and Field Level Security. For instance, want to have a field called ‘Manager’s Notes’ on an Opportunity Record that only the Manager can see, not the individual rep? Use Enterprise Edition. This way Sales Executives can clearly see the Manager’s perspective on the state of the deal and can make Forecasting decisions based on this.

5. Workflow

  • Professional Edition handles your company’s sales process from Marketing to Sales, but what happens once your opportunity is closed as ‘won?’ That’s where Enterprise Edition takes over. Enterprise allows your business to fully automate business processes. What happens when your business closes a sale? Does it kick off a project? Create a purchase order or invoice? Should executives be alerted to a large sales opportunity so that they can make a courtesy call into that prospect? All of these and so much more can be fully automated with Enterprise Edition.

These are our top reasons why you should choose Enterprise Edition over Professional Edition for your Customer Success Platform, Salesforce.com. Interested in upgrading? Get in touch to receive a free consultation to see if you are eligible.