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Top 5 Salesforce Integrations To Boost Productivity

Jun 12, 2020 | Blog Post

We asked our in-house Salesforce developers and administrators to recommend their top 5 Salesforce integrations that they believe all companies should leverage to increase workplace productivity, be it through enabling time saving, facilitating collaboration or enhancing efficiency, etc. Read below to find the complete list of suggestions. All links are added below, happy reading and integrating!

1. Gmail and Outlook Salesforce extension and Einstein Activity Capture for Inbox

Get the Salesforce Chrome Extension
Get the Salesforce Outlook Plugin

Gmail and Outlook Salesforce extensions are major time-saving tools to connect Gmail or Outlook to Salesforce. These are required to utilize the functionality of Einstein Activity Capture for Inbox. Once installed, you can access Salesforce information pertaining to the email, such as account and contact record, from within your Gmail or Outlook itself. This is really helpful if you have a need to easily jump into the Salesforce record to view details or update the record. In addition, the sidebar for this extension allows you to easily create new records like Contact or Account from the information in the email. You can also see your tasks list and add more tasks as you go through your emails.

The best feature of Einstein Activity Capture is the automatic email logging where Einstein will go and review all your emails and sync them to their respective account, contact and opportunity records. This will enable the whole team on your Salesforce system to have complete visibility of the exchanges between your company and customers.

2. Salesforce Chatter

Salesforce Chatter truly is Salesforce’s Twitter. You can use Chatter to connect with your colleagues in Chatter groups centred around common themes such as Sales, Marketing, etc. Chatter is also available on record pages where changes to the record can be seen showing up as posts. Chatter on the record page can be used as a space for collaboration on the record. A good example of this is using the chatter feed on an Opportunity record page to talk about the deal and its updates. Another example is having a company-wide Chatter group that gets an automatic chatter post when an Opportunity is closed won.

Using Chatter is very intuitive as it is similar to other collaboration platforms like Twitter or Slack. You can create a post or comment on other people’s posts and add emoticons, images, links and attachments alongside text. You can also @mention other users or chatter groups so that they get a notification for the post/comment. You can also set your email notifications preferences so that you can get notifications as per your liking, i.e. every post, daily, weekly, monthly.

3. Conga Composer

See Conga Composer on AppExchange

Generating documents manually is a very time-consuming process for every salesperson. The salesperson’s time can be utilized more efficiently if they can automate this document generation task. Conga has a document generation tool called Conga Composer, that serves this very need. This app uses data within Salesforce to instantaneously generate dynamic well-crafted documents like proposals and contracts. Documents can be generated in Word or PDF formats based on the user’s preference and can be further edited upon creation, if the user wishes to do so. In addition to generating documents, Conga Composer can facilitate sending out documents to the client once generated.

Conga can be very useful if your business depends on a more stylized or dynamic Quote document, in case the Salesforce standard Quote is not meeting your business’s needs.

4. Google Sheets Add-on – Data connector for Salesforce

Get the Data Connector for Salesforce Sheets Add-on

This is by the best hack tool for Admins and Super Users! This nifty little Google Sheets add-on makes the work of importing or updating large amounts of data much less cumbersome. You can easily create a report in Salesforce , then open a Google Sheet and use the add-on to export the report. Once in Google Sheets, you can make the necessary changes on mass and push the whole report back into Salesforce using the Insert/Update feature. Tip: Please make sure to add the record Id field on the report in order to use the Update feature.

An additional advantage of using Google Sheets is that it automatically becomes an archive of your past mass updates which makes it easier to roll back by simply creating a duplicate sub-sheet of any report export and then keeping the duplicate sub-sheet as a backup in case you need to roll back.

5. DocuSign

See DocuSign on AppExchange

DocuSign is an easy to use e-signature app for Salesforce. DocuSign makes the task of sending a document out for sign streamlined and fuss-free. On top of that, it has additional features like active status tracking and seamlessly integrates with Salesforce automations.

The most common scenario DocuSign integrating with Salesforce automation is when an Opportunity automatically is closed won when a signed DocuSign proposal is received. Docusign can also be configured so that the signed document automatically saves to the Opportunity record. This eliminates a series of tasks that the user would otherwise have to undertake.

A Final Word

We hope you found the above list useful. If you think any of the integrations mentioned could add value to your business and want to discuss it further with someone from the App Solve team, please reach out to us at customers@appsolve.com.

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