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One of the greatest things about Salesforce: the AppExchange.

This Salesforce-only marketplace contains hundreds and hundreds of apps that integrate with Salesforce and are designed to improve the productivity, efficiency and quality of your team’s efforts.

Plus, the apps are reviewed by real Salesforce users who can attest to how effective (or not!) the app really is.

There are new apps being added all the time but these five, launched in the last eight months, are, in our opinion, the best new Salesforce apps of 2017 — so far.

To make contract management easier: Conga Contracts

Between all the back-and-forth and customers who are difficult or unresponsive, negotiating and finalizing contracts can be the most frustrating and time-consuming part of a sales cycle.

Conga Contracts can’t make your customer any faster, but it can improve every other part of the contract management process.

The app, released in April, centralizes the creation and negotiation of contracts by:

– Sending buyers contracts for review with the touch of a button in Salesforce

– Creating an easy-to-read trail of changes, and syncing them in Salesforce

– Collecting data that shows which of your company’s contract clauses get changed the most and where the process gets held up, so you can make adjustments

– Offering configurations for all kinds of contracts, including terms and conditions, non-disclosure agreements, payment terms, and work orders

To save you time when researching leads: Crunchbase for Salesforce

Launched in June, this app puts Crunchbase’s rich database of info on startups and innovation companies directly into your Salesforce, eliminating the need for sales reps to go on a Google goose chase.

The integration contextualizes your accounts and prospects with important details that can help you discover growth signals and identify sales opportunities, and equips your reps with the information they need to have meaningful and strategic conversations with leads.

For easy SMS messaging with customers: SMS for Salesforce

If you’re looking for a simple way for your small business to take advantage of text messaging capabilities, this app is a winner.

It gives Salesforce users a way to send and receive SMS messages to customers and leads around the world, directly from the Salesforce interface.

Reps can deploy messages from Lead, Account, Contact and Campaign, to individuals or groups. The best part: sent messages are automatically saved as an Activity.

For easy-to-understand Salesforce updates: Standard Feature Finder

The depth of Salesforce is both a gift and a burden.

The comprehensiveness of its features makes it a wildly effective CRM that’s hard to beat. But that same comprehensiveness can make it difficult for the average busy admin to keep on top of what’s new with the platform. If you’ve ever seen Salesforce Release Documentation, you know what we mean.

Standard Feature Finder is making it way, way easier for account admins to identify which Salesforce updates are the most pertinent for their business. It turns release notes into a list that can be sorted and filtered, so admins can quickly identify which new features are important for them.

An overview of each feature is provided, but full release notes are also available, for those who want more information. Plus, a list of new features can be exported and shared with teammates for further discussion.

If you use Slack and Salesforce: Woobot for Salesforce

Slack is increasingly becoming the collaborative instant communication tool of choice for businesses of all size. If your company is one of those businesses, as well as a Salesforce user, you’re going to want to take a look at Woobot.

This app makes it possible for reps to manage their pipeline directly in Slack. You can share Prospect opportunities and updates, view new Leads, and see and share reports.

Through @mentions and comments, you can keep teams updated on news, collaborate on activities and assign actions.

Looking for more great apps to take your Salesforce game to the next level? We’ve got more recommendations here.