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High Tech

Our Approach


We’ve solved the following problems with high tech firms:


  • Using spreadsheets for contact management and sales forecasting
  • Inability to effectively quote customers
  • Inefficient lead tracking and assignment to sales
  • Inability for partners to effectively register leads, or for customers to log service requests or self-serve
  • Inability to track campaigns

Our Expertise


We’ve provided the following solutions:


  • CRM for contact management and forecasting
  • CRM + built in automated proposals – no more manual work with Word/PDF
  • CRM + lead queues and lead assignments
  • Salesforce Community Cloud – custom portal for customers/partners
  • Pardot to link CRM to Marketing Automation

Your Results


We power extraordinary results on Salesforce.com.

High tech customers who deploy Salesforce with App Solve experience the following results:

28%increase in revenue
32%increased lead conversion
35%more productive sales teams
43%increased partner sales
30%more effective campaigns

Customer Stories


SageNet wanted to get the most out of their already established Salesforce.com Sales Cloud, by properly keeping track, analyzing and converting more leads.


App Solve went with a fully customized Apex Trigger Coding solution that addressed the specific needs of SageNet’s Sales division. As a result of the new solution, SageNet can now effectively track, analyze and convert their leads to the necessary format, creating accurate account, opportunity and contact for each unique lead. 


CloudBees has been an excellent Salesforce.com customer for years, but was using external systems like Excel and Google spreadsheets to manage the forecasts of their global sales teams.


App Solve worked with CloudBees to understand their current process, and their end-state goals when it came to forecasting. App Solve actioned the plan and configured Collaborative Forecasting for CloudBees within Salesforce so that all global sales forecasting could be completed within the platform.



MineralTree had already implemented Salesforce but needed help extending the base capabilities and ensuring its setup was accurately optimized and mobile compatible for its sales, service, and other teams.


A re-optimization solution was deployed using default objects and custom objects (with multi-level hierarchies and dependencies) in Salesforce. Additionally, custom triggers and workflow to track the status of projects were configured.