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Not sure about the advantages of high tech companies using Salesforce? First of all, high-tech companies are known for their early investment in new and disruptive technological developments. Those early adopters take the risk of implementing these technologies early on because they realize the advantages of being among the first implementers before the technology becomes widely used.

So, in order for these high-tech companies to succeed and focus on their customers and continuous innovation, they need to have a reliable platform to manage their sales and customer relationships. Therefore, more than 150,000 companies around the world trust and use Salesforce, many of which are high-tech companies like Spotify, Amazon. Let’s dive into the top 3 advantages of using Salesforce in High Tech companies:

#1 Scalability, Customization with Low Hardware and Maintenance Costs

Salesforce uses multitenancy architecture which means that multiple applications can share resources, core features, computing power, and data storage while at the same time maintaining each tenant’s privacy. Maintaining privacy and ensuring that current apps will not break down by Salesforce updates is possible due to the separation between the tenants’ data, the platform itself, and the metadata specific to each app built on Salesforce. Salesforce Multitenancy is built on the cloud which means companies don’t have to worry about on-premise hardware and IT cost, maintenance, and upgrading.

This architecture allows Salesforce to release its three updates without affecting the customized individual applications built on top of it, so no code maintenance is required due to new updates. Moreover, this entails easy and independent customization for each tenant as well as scalability which is extremely important for high-tech companies. Scalability and customization also require that Salesforce can easily be integrated with other software, and hence Salesforce API is a major advantage as it supports multiple integration technologies.

#2 Next-gen Analytics

Analytics and insights are key to business success. Salesforce Analytics allows businesses to create desktop and mobile-friendly reports and dashboards. Moreover, Einstein Analytics enables developers to create their own analytics apps that are highly customizable. Besides that, Einstein Analytics provides understandable and transparent AI analytical models fed from all the data in the system, thus it can explain business problems or behaviours and analyze why they happened, predict what will happen, and recommend the next steps.

#3 Have a 360 Customer View

The unified usage of the Salesforce system with its sales, service, finance, and marketing apps enables the collection of the customers’ data in one place. Hence Salesforce can collect the customer data from multiple touchpoints. This allows Salesforce businesses to design highly customized marketing campaigns and provide their clients with consistent experience each time they contact a different department. This 360 view gives companies who are using Salesforce an edge over companies who need to integrate and connect multiple systems together and over companies who don’t have the right tools to utilize the collected data.

And the list of benefits goes on…

The High Tech industry is highly competitive and therefore the systems you choose to depend on need to be reliable, continuously updated, and easy to use and make changes. We and 150,000 companies around the globe believe that Salesforce has a solution to offer no matter what your needs are and what size your company is.

If you’re looking to streamline your sales pipeline and achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction, get in touch with one of our High Tech experts.