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As you might know, every customer is different and therefore their behaviors vary. Especially when they engage with marketing distinctly depending on the environment we are in. We saw that trend in the past year during the pandemic and we still see it in the current year. If your business currently uses Salesforce Marketing Cloud, but is not making use of its many products like Interaction Studio, then keep reading.

What is Interaction Studio and what can it do for you?

Interaction Studio is a Marketing Cloud product that analyses how clients communicate with your business on a variety of platforms. It is powered by data and uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to determine in real-time what to say or show to a customer while they are doing a range of actions. Imagine being able to track when they are on your website, use your smartphone app, open an email, speak to a call center representative, or talk to a store or branch associate. These are the key features of Interaction Studio:

  • Collect personal data insights: Every marketer knows that data capture is the best approach to personalization. Interaction Studio tracks data, whether known or not, from various sources to collect information on each prospect, customer, and site visitor. You can start getting to know each individual customer’s interests and affinities by tracking customer behaviour and using data from multiple sources.
  • Optimize the experience: With the aid of user-friendly and personalized algorithms, you can analyze all data and make decisions in a timely manner so that every connection is meaningful. You can take the next right move based on machine learning.
  • Manage engagement everywhere: Anything you know about a user from their engagement on one channel will be automatically taken into consideration into the next interaction on any other channel, either online or offline. Your results can be used to create the next best move for that prospect or customer. For instance: sending a triggered email including a special promotion that the user would really appreciate.
  • Test and analyze: You should verify your theory to complete the scientific method. Maximize your customization campaigns and efforts through testing and analysis. To do so, you can use native reports or tools such as Tableau or Datorama to help you review your campaigns’ results.

Now that you know what Interaction Studio is and what it does, Interaction Studio has 3 recent innovations that leverage Salesforce Einstein. But before getting into the subject, let’s clarify first what Salesforce Einstein is and what it does.


What is Salesforce Einstein and how can it help your business?

In case you are new to Salesforce, the first comprehensive AI for CRM is Salesforce Einstein. It is an interconnected range of AI technologies that makes the Customer Success Platform smarter and gives AI to users anywhere. It’s like having a smart CRM assistant. However, you can do much more with it.

Salesforce Einstein predicts outcomes eliminating speculation because it uses any data to anticipate the unexpected. Also, it uses historical browsing and purchase data to predict customers behaviour. Not only that, but it forecasts which channels, content, products or services, messaging (and even send times) your customers will likely react to. Customers are greatly impressed when receiving a personalized experience.

In a nutshell:

  • Sales will predict potential prospects and exceed consumer expectations.
  • Service will be efficient in settling cases before they arise.
  • Marketing will create predictive journeys and personalize interactions as never before.
  • IT will incorporate intelligence anywhere and build smarter applications for workers and consumers.

Now that you know what Einstein is and what it does, let’s take a look at the 3 recent Interaction Studio innovations that take advantage of Einstein:


Einstein Personalization Recipes

With Einstein Personalization Recipes you can build sophisticated machine learning algorithms to monitor costumer behaviours, determine which interactions are most likely to engage, and eventually make recommendations. Everything based on the characteristics and affinities of each person in real-time.

You can even build your own algorithm to serve your unique business needs by using Einstein Personalization Recipes and ingredients.

Like a cooking recipe, it includes ingredients and directions. However, unlike baking, you can visualize and evaluate the results of your recipe before you make a hundred failed batches of cakes.

Interaction Studio - Einstein Personalization Recipes


Einstein Personalization Decisions

In a few words, Einstein Personalization Decisions allows you to choose the next best next move based on machine learning.

Your business can take full advantage of a sophisticated, ongoing learning algorithm that includes extensive information about each web visitor to determine and generate the best next action, instead of just relying on rules-based guesswork alone.

Interaction Studio - Einstein Personalization Decisions


A/B/n Testing

A/B testing (also known as split testing) is a method of displaying at the same time two variations of the same web page to separate segments of website users and comparing which version drives higher conversions.

With Interaction Studio you can maximize the advantages of customization campaigns and customer engagement efforts by performing A/B experience tests in all channels and assessing performance across sales, click-throughs, conversions and average order value.


In Closing

Marketers have long recognized the importance of data in understanding and engaging customers as individuals. But nowadays knowing that is not enough. When the conditions and needs of consumers are changing rapidly, developing a stronger understanding of them is essential.

You can bring new digital capabilities into your company by knowing all the possibilities and advantages you can use from Salesforce Einstein combined with Interaction Studio on Marketing Cloud.

Salesforce helps scale those capabilities across three crucial areas: sales, marketing, and service. All are vital to transforming your business into a consumer-centric company.

Connect with one of our Marketing Cloud experts here to start your business transformation.

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