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Marketing success can be difficult to define. If your email campaigns are enjoying high open rates, is that a win? Some might say so. But is there a correlation between high open rates and sales? Maybe not. And the accumulative effect of all your marketing efforts — from social media to ads to emails — is even harder to distinguish.

Enter Salesforce Marketing Cloud. It’s a comprehensive, all-in-one, hugely powerful marketing platform that can help users create campaigns that actually impact sales numbers. Keep reading.

So what is Marketing Cloud, exactly?

Simply put, it’s an all-encompassing platform for your marketing efforts — mobile messaging, social media content, email and newsletter campaigns, website landing pages, and social ads. Traditionally, these marketing activities occur on numerous separate platforms, using numerous add-ons and plug-ins to measure and scrutinize performance. Salesforce Marketing Cloud brings planning, publishing and analysis all into one place and can be connected to Salesforce, so marketing efforts can be aided by CRM data and vice versa.

How does Marketing Cloud help businesses?

Not only does it streamline marketing efforts by bringing them under the same roof, it uses data to enhance them. Based on customer history, behaviour and other information, it helps businesses craft the right message for the right customer, delivered at the right time on the right platform.

Here are a few specific examples of what Salesforce Marketing Cloud can offer your company:

Social media: discover what users are saying about your company and your product to inform your strategies; quickly find and connect with new leads; plan and execute content and campaigns

Email: easily create personalized, professional-looking emails based on predictive data; A/B test emails to discover what performs best; track email performance in real time

Mobile: create targeted SMS and MMS messages using drag-and-drop software; engage in one-on-one conversations in popular group messaging apps; plan mobile experiences based on your customer’s geographic location

Is Marketing Cloud right for my company?

If your company is already using Salesforce, has a multi-channel marketing strategy, and wants to see greater sales results from marketing spend, then Marketing Cloud is for you. Plus, it can be customized to suit your particular needs. You can select modules — like the Email Studio, the Advertising Studio, the Social Studio, and etcetera — for the marketing types and channels that make the most sense for your biz and your audience.

What Marketing Cloud modules should I choose?

That depends on who your target audience is and what your marketing and sales objectives are. App Solve optimizes the technology for you by first analyzing, aggregating and integrating your data to develop a 360-degree understanding of your customer and their behaviours. That knowledge helps inform the selection of modules that your company can utilize for the best possible results.



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