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From enticing your readers with a compelling subject line to improving the deliverability of your email, here’s a breakdown of the tools and resources you can utilize to improve your email marketing programme.

Email Design:

  • Build Email Templates
  • Create email headers

Improve Email Content:

  • Subject line scoring
  • Spell and grammar checking

Improve Email Deliverability:

  • Are you on a blacklist?
  • Spam trigger words to avoid
  • Does this email even exist?

Email Design

Mosaico: Build Email Templates

You can drag and drop websites- so why not translate that capability to email design? Mosaico steps in to bring the ease of drag and drop to help you build mobile responsive designs. You can conduct test sends of the email template to see how your design renders in your email client. Once complete, you can download the code to be used for email creation.

Drag-and-drop your email template designs

Canva : Create email headers

An excellent tool for creating email headers within minutes. They already have designs you can quickly edit to fit your branding. You also have the option of designing an email header from scratch. They also have a mobile app so you can build email headers on the go.

Quickly create email headers with Canva's email header designs

Improve Email Content

SubjectLine: Subject line scoring

What I love about this tool is that it provides a rating for your subject lines based on pre-determined scoring rules. They provide instant feedback as to why your subject line is or isn’t good. You can use the feedback to tweak your subject line to be more effective. It is important to note that this tool doesn’t account for factors like personalization and relevance to the receiver, you will still have to conduct a test to determine what subject line is most relevant and captivating to your readers.

Get instant feedback on your subject lines

Grammarly: Spell check

As an email marketer, you’ve probably experienced the anxiety-inducing moment after you’ve sent out a mass email only to realize that you’ve made a spelling mistake and can do nothing about it. Add this extension to your browser to make sure you aren’t making a fool of yourself with spelling mistakes.

Improve Email Deliverability

Blacklists: Is your IP address blacklisted?

Check if your IP address has been blacklisted

Automational: Spam trigger words

Check this list of spam trigger words to ensure they aren’t affecting your deliverability. Before you panic at the sheer sight of 438 spam trigger words- Check if you used Spam trigger words here

EmailHippo: Verify email addresses

One way to ensure your email bounce rates are low is to make sure that the email addresses you send to you actually exist. Sometimes people leave a company and their email address is no longer in existence or sometimes when people fill out a form they make a typo when inputting an email address. Regardless, having invalid email addresses can hurt your email sender score, and could potentially flag you as a spammer. This tool will help you determine if your email list is invalid.

The Guide of all Guides

Marketing Cloud: Email Marketing Best Practices Guide

I have to give a shoutout to Marketing Cloud’s email marketing best practices guide. They have tons of informative articles and resources that will help you hone your email marketing. Regardless of whether or not you use Marketing Cloud CRM, you’ll find this comprehensive guide useful.

The Ultimate Email Marketing Guide

If you’re overwhelmed with the tools available to use and are looking for a solution that incorporates these tools into one platform, you’ll have to evaluate paid options. We offer free consultations on tools like Marketing Cloud or Pardot to help evaluate your marketing needs. Don’t know what the difference between Marketing Cloud and Pardot is? Check out this article to learn more.