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A Guide to Choosing the Best CPQ Software for Your Business

Oct 20, 2017 | Blog Post

Trying to find out which is the best CPQ software for your company? Or whether your company even needs CPQ software? You’re in the right place.

In the paragraphs below, we’re taking a look at what exactly CPQ is, how it can help your company, and which of the most popular CPQ software is the best fit for you.

What Exactly Is CPQ?

CPQ stands for “configure price quote.” CPQ tools are a growing category of software that can help quickly and conveniently generate accurate, customized sales quotes for prospects and clients.

So Why Should I Use It?

Plenty of companies aren’t sure whether CPQ software could be of value to them. We think it offers significant benefits to companies of all sizes.

Take a look at some of the capabilities of CPQ software:

  • It automates the quote process, improving efficiency and speed
  • It enables sales reps to generate accurate and consistent quotes, removing the potential for error
  • It can removes the legwork involved in assembling special quotes (bulk discounts, partner pricing, pre-negotiated pricing, customized service packages, and etcetera)
  • It tracks quote data, and can be integrated with a company’s CRM tool

The time savings and improvements in speed and accuracy delivered by CPQ software can be a game-changer for B2B companies, resulting in more sales, better customer service and happier sales reps.

What’s the Best CPQ Software for My Business?

That all depends on what factors are of the greatest priority for your company. Cost? Ease of use? Simplicity? Comprehensiveness?

We’ve rounded up some of the most popular CPQ software on the market — including Salesforce’s own CPQ — and zeroed in on why they may or may not be the best bet for your business.

Salesforce Quote-to-Cash (formerly SteelBrick)

  • Native to Salesforce
  • Offers complete integration with the Salesforce platform; combined with other tools, it offers an incredible comprehensive sales solution
  • Guided selling tools use your business rules, products and logic to prompt reps during the selling process, helping them easily assemble a customized, accurate quote
  • Ability to add on, update,  set up discounts and free trials, and manage renewals and subscriptions
  • Its robustness could intimidate some, but an implementation partner can make it seamless

ConnectWise Sell (formerly Quosal)

  • Offers integration with Salesforce and other CRMs
  • Customers can quickly and easily provide approvals
  • Users are able to see when their prospects and customers are looking at quotes
  • A simple interface and drag-and-drop tools offer good useability
  • Some users may find customization options for forms are lacking, and that customer support is slow


  • Offers integration with Salesforce and other CRMs
  • Provides advanced analytics, including information on who has viewed each proposal and how much time a prospect spent viewing each page of a proposal
  • Ability to calculate profit margins, manage teams in separate workspaces, and add expiration dates
  • For some companies, data protection may be lacking, and integrations with some CRMs could be improved


  • Offers integration with Salesforce and other CRMs
  • Improves profits by optimizing pricing, offering targeted promotions and creating cross-sell and up-sell recommendations
  • Guided selling uses a customizable questionnaire to help sales reps assemble an optimized quote
  • Some users may require more documentation and comprehensive training necessary to best make use of the system

The right CPQ can radically improve the way you sell. Want to know more about how Salesforce Quote-to-Cash and other selling solutions can help your business? Let’s talk.

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