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Kevin is our Director of Project Delivery here at AppSolve. After graduating from Ryerson University with a degree in computer science, he began work in the financial industry. It was there that he began taking on coordination roles and learned about Salesforce. Kevin decided to follow his passion for project management, leading him to the Appsolve team. A typical day in the office for our Director of Project Delivery goes something like this:

  • Preparation of team tasks
  • Morning huddle to get up to speed on the day’s goals and operations
  • Internal meetings
  • In-person client meetings – Kevin says that these meetings are hands down the highlights of his workday. Rolling out projects from start to finish and customizing services for individual client needs is always both interesting and rewarding.


One project that stands out for Kevin is the work that AppSolve completed for BMS, a building maintenance services company that was brand new to Salesforce. AppSolve implemented a communication solution that allows BMS to instantly communicate with all of the organization’s stakeholders.

To learn more about the BMS project and AppSolve, check out the link: https://appsolve.com/customers/building-maintenance-services/